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Appendix 237: DARPA Brain Initiative & C40-SMART Cities (Military-Intelligence Techno-Enslavement Program)- 13 short videos w/ summary quotes, comments, & related links

I. DARPA B.R.A.I.N. ( Brain Research Through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies®) Initiative (videos 1-7) See: Juxtaposition1’s Odysee channel: Epigraph Quotes 1) from Juxtaposition1 in videos 7 and 6: “All this discussion of terrorism and hacking by the enemy is linguistics. It’s…

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Appendix 239: Human Energy Harvesting, RF, Microwaves, Network-Centric & Meta Warfare, Electrical Engineers, Computer-Driven Targeted Killing, Covid, & Related JOBS- 26 Psinergy Videos

Webmaster Introduction: Sabrina Wallace is a self-described DARPA non-invasive N2 (black projects) survivor and former IT (computer engineering) professional and expert. Can we believe her extremely interesting, informative, and even entertaining podcasts? It is concerning to me that Sabrina sometimes…

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Appendix 255: Smart Dust, Nanotech, Biosensors, Wireless Sensor Networks, & Chemtrail Dispersal (I. G. Reese Video 5/23/24) & II. ENABLING BATTLESPACE PERSISTENT SURVEILLANCE (OF TARGETED INDIVIDUALS!) (USAF Maj. S. Dickson, 2007)

Webmaster comment: This Greg Reese video and the related article by US Air Force Major Scott A. Dickson (ENABLING BATTLESPACE PERSISTENT SURVEILLANCE: THE FORM, FUNCTION, AND FUTURE OF SMART DUST, 2007) may go a long, long way to explaining the…

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