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Appendix 148: Kabbalah, Satanic Jewish Black Magic, & Freemasonry

iFrame is not supported! Kabbalah And Satanic Jewish Black Magic Published on Jun 9, 2022 The Jews practice strange and inhuman rituals, such as torturing and murdering non-Jewish children and using their blood to make pies. On the occasion…

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Appendix 151: Jewish Ritual Blood Sacrifice/ Ritual Murder

Webmaster Comment: Could the inhuman psychopaths behind the Covid Depopulation Genocide and historical ritual murder/sacrifice of humans for thousands of years possibly be the same group behind the global gangstalking-electronic torture/murder depopulation purge? How could it not be? I. The…

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Appendix 159: Jewish Gangstalking: Jonathon Greenblatt (ADL CEO ): ADL Must “Get” Ye; “Get” = “cancel,” “track,” “monitor,” “train and tip off law enforcement,” “litigate,” “bankrupt,” & “re-educate” “extremists,” “anti-zionists,” “white supremacists” (videos/articles)

Epigraph Quotes: 1. “The CIA and FBI are tinker toys compared to the ADL.” - Senator Jack B. Tenny (CA), 1971 2. Jonathon Greenblatt (CEO of ADL): "Basically, as CEO of the ADL, I do three things. Number one, we…

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Appendix 160: Who Controls America? Hundreds Of Gov’t Officials Hold Emergency Summit To Establish “Whole Of Government” Approach To Antisemitism (Video)

I. Hundreds Of Gov’t Officials Hold Emergency Summit To Establish “Whole Of Government” Approach To Antisemitism Epigraph Quotes: Harrison Smith ( journalist): It’s hard to believe but our government is now a religious theocracy. The official state religion is…

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Appendix 188: Totalitarian State Repression Via Satanic Brain Science: Obama-Biden administration legalized ‘neurological surveillance’ after Trump’s Election (Robert L. Kinney III, Jan. 27 2023)

Epigraph Quotes: 1) “The CDC’s National Neurological Conditions Surveillance System (NCSS) is an integrated system that uses state-of-the-art data sources, tools, and analytic methods to track the epidemiology of neurological conditions. The aim of the system is to derive actionable*…

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Appendix 196: Organized Stalking-Electronic Harassment Explained: NSA’s Signals lntelligence (SIGINT) EMF Scanning Network: Illegal Satellite Tracking, Targeting, & Torture of Innocent Civilians (Articles by James F. Marino & John St. Claire Akwei)

Epigraph Quote: The American people have been electronically branded through a national brain fingerprinting program that is being used to identify them by way of each person’s unique set of EMF frequencies…. There’s no rule of law here because once…

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