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Appendix 190: US Army Military Police Veteran, Audio Forensic Analyst, and TI Explains The “Technology” Behind Organized Stalking-Electronic Harassment (Amy Holem Interview May 25, 2022) w/ webmaster’s transcription

Veteran Targeted With Direct Energy Weapons Fights Back To Help Others & Bring Justice Sons of Liberty (Interview with Amy Holem begins at 22:55 minutes in video (top) and 17:58 in audio clip (bottom)) Epigraph Quotes from Interview: “(Sadly, it…

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Appendix 198: Organized Stalking-Electronic Harassment Explained: Suzie Dawson 10-Part Video Series: “Opening the Five Eyes: Exposing the Spies” of the NSA Global Spy Network (Fall, 2019) W/ Transcriptions, Graphics, & Sample Quotes

Webmaster Introduction: In her 10-part series, “Opening the Five Eyes: Exposing the Methods of the Spies,” activist, researcher, TI, and former head of New Zealand’s Internet Party provides an outstanding compendium of information about how the global gangstalking program works,…

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Appendix 214: Sabrina Wallace on Hi-Jacked Biofield

  Posted on December 13, 2022 by lynnschmaltz — Leave a comment Sabrina on High-Jacked BioField The Following is a transcription from one of Sabrina Wallace (Davis)’s videos found at the link above. “This channel belongs to…

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