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Appendix 144. Sandy Hook Hoax/False Flag/FEMA “Capstone Community Exercise”: 1) How Quickly The Zionist Targeting Program Can Infiltrate Your Neighborhood (video & partial transcription), 2) WHAT REALLY HAPPENED; Wolfgang Halbig’s Analysis (2 videos)

Epigraph Quotes: 1) The government makes money off of (trafficking) children, drugs, prostitution, satanic activity… They make the mafia look like a Sunday School class. They poison a lot of the patriots around the country so they die of a…

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Appendix 152. Excellent website!

                                                                     Welcome to life in government terd soup. Courtesy of The Patriot Act.   Tortured in AmericaMKULTRA is alive and well. It's the culmination of surveillance state powers used against an INDIVIDUAL. The entire kitchen-sink approach. ONE -vs-…

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