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Intelligence Community (IC) Watch Profiles Over 100,000 Military-Contractor Spooks-Special Forces Operatives-Organized Stalking Perps: 7 videos, profiles, graphics, & interview w/ M.C. McGrath

M.C. McGrath Targeted Individuals: Intelligence Community mercenaries exposed via the ICWatch program (2015-2022) are certainly among the most highly trained (and demonic) of our stalkers and attackers. “*Cryptocracy:” (“Rule By Secrecy”); “Spookocracy” (Rule by Spies), aka “The Hidden Hand”* (See…

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TI Program IS USSOCOM’s (US Special Operations Command’s) “Continuous Clandestine Tagging, Tracking, and Locating (CTTL)/Hostile Forces-Tagging, Tracking, and Locating (HF-TTL)” Program: See SOAL-T WSO pdf (9/5/07), 6 related pdfs & 1 article

Webmaster Introduction: In my opinion, the following seven power point presentations made by and for US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) and their military and corporate partners clearly describe and detail the “technology,” systems, and personnel behind the international “organized stalking-electronic…

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“Lifeline- Essential Insights And Healing Music For Illegally Targeted Citizens:” Free 4+ Hour Audiobook On Organized Stalking-Electronic Torture (Experts’ Testimonies Narrated W/ Music & Songs by Dr. Eric Karlstrom)

Introduction: The U.S. government and other governments have been captured by 5th column enemies and are waging hybrid/unconventional war against their own citizens. “High value targets” are typically activists, “dissidents,” whistleblowers, patriots, intellectuals, people of conscience and integrity, Constitutionalists, Christians,…

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Appendix 192: USG Child-Human Trafficking-Slavery Syndicate Exposed: (DHS’) Mayorkas Is A Sex (And TI!) Trafficking Kingpin 4/27/23

Appendix 192: USG Child-Human Trafficking-Slavery Syndicate Exposed: (DHS') Mayorkas Is A Sex (and TI) Trafficking Kingpin 4/27/23 (DHS Head) Mayorkas Is A Sex Trafficking Kingpin Apr 27, 2023 Webmaster comment:  This is the International Zionist Criminal Syndicate (IZCS) that…

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