ETK Introduction: An interesting interview….. Having now watched a number of podcasts by Brendon O’Connell, I question whether he might be a government-sayanim-Israeli agent provocateur and/or perhaps even Jewish. Still, he puts out a lot of valid information. The challenge, as always, is to separate the truth from the propaganda and spin. Information presented on this website indicates that most of what O’Connell says is true. However, the question remains: What about the tactics he advocates? Certainly, I agree that the best way to approach these topics is simply to quote statements by Jews themselves.

For example, on October, 2001, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon stated: “We (Jews) control America and the Americans know it.” This statement, typically, mixes a truth with a lie. Yes, Jews do largely control America…. but most Americans still don’t know it. Deploying some of the more confrontational tactics that O’Connell advocates could be hazardous to your health.