The beast was permitted to go to war against the saints and conquer them. He was given ruling authority over every tribe, people, language, and nation… If anyone has an ear, he had better listen!

Revelation 13:7 & 9

The NSA Global Spy Network: Episode 1: Opening the Five Eyes: Exposing the Spies – Suzie Dawson (9/22/19); Transcription & Graphics

Webmaster Introduction: “The Global Network” (aka “NSA Global Spy Network”) IS “the architecture of oppression” that rules and shapes the world. Drawing on her experience as a TI and a journalist-researcher, Suzie Dawson exposes this “architecture of oppression” in her 10-part series: “Opening the Five Eyes: Exposing the Spies.” The system is comprised of covert SIGINT and HUMINT ops carried out by NSA, CIA, FBI, DHS, GCHQ, JTRIG, MI6, MI5, etc. – and their private security and intelligence agencies that manage street level operations- and it continues to secretly target and destroy honest, incorruptible activists, scientists, truth-tellers, and innumerable others who are watchlisted and flagged as “potential terrorist threats” or considered “enemies of the state,” “persons of interest,” etc.

This horrific and reprehensible system, aka “The National Security Racketeering Network,” is a “growth industry.” It is the largest black and black-market op AND “Crime Against Humanity” in human history. It radically ramped up after 9/11 and continues to expand across the globe today as a for-profit enterprise.

In episodes 6 through 9, Dawson and guests analyze documents from JTRIG (Joint Threat Response Intelligence Group), a part of GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters; the British equivalent of the NSA) and expose the manuals, psychological tricks, methodologies, and protocols deployed in these nefarious operations. My opinion is that these psychological warfare techniques derive mainly from government-military-intelligence agency’s weaponization of psychology and other sciences which has been conducted by Britain’s Tavistock Institute (1921 onward) and the US governments’ Macy Conferences-CIA MKULTRA+ mind control programs (1947 onward).

The satanic nature of these programs cannot be dismissed. The Christian ethos of “love thy neighbor,” the very underpinning of Western Christian civilization, is hereby replaced by a comprehensive system of comprehensive psychological abuse, trauma and torture which, in effect, is the overt expression of “hate, degrade, deceive, and destroy thy neighbor.”

‘Cursed is anyone who attacks (kills, strikes, smites down, smites) a neighbor in secret.’ And all the people will reply, ‘Amen.’

Deuteronomy 27:24

I believe this curse now extends to the agencies, police units, businesses, nations, scientists, academics, populations, and individuals that participate in, financially support, and/or tacitly acquiesce to this (beyond) despicable torture-murder system. I believe we can translate the word “curse” to “bound for hell.”

Courageous Kiwi journalist Suzie Dawson takes us to school on how Western intelligence agencies are controlling every aspect of human society.

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Overview of Global Network of Intelligence Agencies:

These agencies target, persecute, and destroy their own citizens. In New Zealand, the NSA equivalent is the GCSB.

– It’s not just the 5 Eyes (UK, US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand) doing this. This grouping also includes:

1) 2 Eyes (US-Israel) is the highest level, “special relationship”
2) 2 Eyes (US-UK) is the original intelligence sharing agreement, next highest level
3) 3 Eyes (US, UK, Australia- TEYE)
4) 4 Eyes (US, UK, Australia, Canada, ACGU)- created in 1980’s when New Zealand pulled out of the agreement.
5) 5 Eyes (US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, FVEY)
6) 6 Eyes (US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, NATO block)
7) 7 Eyes (US, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy)
8) 8 Eyes (+ South Korea)
9) 9 Eyes (US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain (CFBLNet)
10) Alternative 9 Eyes (FVEY + France, Denmark, The Netherlands, Norway (Guardian)
11) 10 Eyes (FVEY + NATO, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore)
12) 14 Eyes (FVEY + France, Denmark, The Netherlands, Norway, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Sweden (SSEUR)
13) 43 Eyes (ISAF countries in 2010; international forces allied with US military)

The Global Network = what NSA calls its “intelligence empire.” This intelligence empire includes perhaps the most unequal partnerships in history. There are over 100 partner countries. But most of these countries are “vassal states” to the US-led international military world hegemony. So there is huge pressure on all countries to join and participate in it.

The Netherlands has no legislative mandate to cooperate with the Global Network, but its intelligence agencies (AIBD) cooperate anyway. There are a very small number of countries that are completely separate from the global network. These are the last bastions of independence. These include Russia, China, Iran, North Korea. These countries are hated and considered adversaries and are active targets of the global network.

The stated aim of the Global Network is “total awareness of every inch of the globe.” They want to own and control and have access to all intelligence networks. They want geo-spatial control of the planet.

The structure of is like an upside down pyramid- or wedding cake.

At the top of the system, the Global Network takes all the data and satellites from all layers beneath it. It then takes some of the data and feeds it back down to the lower levels. The NSA has direct access to all data from partner countries. It consumes the total intelligence resources – human and data- of all partner countries.

NSA farms out NSA work to partner agencies in other countries. In NSA documents they talk about how they can expand their network by utilizing the human and intelligence/surveillance resources of all their partners. So the arrangement is constructed for the benefit of the top layer of the wedding cake.

Underpinning all of this is a legislation and policy framework which, like the partnership agreements, is also a total scam. This includes the post-911 intelligence-sharing agreements.

Immediately after 9/11, all intelligence agencies in the US they also pressured all intelligence agencies to increasingly share their intelligence with US and UK, etc.

Laws were passed in all Western nations immediately after 9/11. Total transformation of intelligence sharing among US agencies was called the Transformation 2.0. The US and UK and the 5 Eyes nations pressured all other countries to increase their intelligence sharing with the NSA and 5 Eyes. As part of this, we saw the establishment of Fusion Centers.

Dawson: These were originally set up in Afghanistan and Iraq. (Correction: Actually they were first set up in Vietnam during the Vietnam War under the Phoenix Program). They were war zone enterprises- used as part of supporting military forces in the post-9/11 wars. They took large data sets from both military and civilian sources to create an enhanced picture for the specific purpose of targeting civilians.

There are now Fusion Centers all around America as well as international Fusion Centers operating transnationally. These are no longer just government or military enterprises. The post-9/11 legislation set up the concept of “critical infrastructure”- and this includes major corporations, in particular, banks. So using this terminology, the military-government-and security states extended security services protection to corporations, banks, etc. So these entities would now become partners in the national security enterprise. And access all data and would also feed intelligence from security services to these private corporations. Private corporations and banks became customers of the intelligence and security services.

Customers of NSA and other intelligence agencies in the US include Dept. of Energy, Dept. of Agriculture, and also non-governmental entities such as the Federal Reserve and other private, for-profit entities. These entities purchase and become direct beneficiaries of intelligence apparatus. This is not about security at all, it is about dominance. It is about creating a huge in-club of private, for-profit entities that now has a huge vested interest in shoring up the intelligence agencies.

The intelligence agencies refer to themselves as a business. They bill for their services. They have 2-way economic relationships with their customers and also their partner agencies. In New Zealand, the NSA was billing the GCSA and the GCSA was billing the NSA. In fact, NSA is literally a corporation. So it can get funding outside government channels. It has a slush fund of its own.

A series of bills has extended the power of these intelligence agencies, and these are very similar from country to country. The USA Freedom Act and equivalent bills in other countries all do the same thing. The general aims of the legislation is always the same. The bills are always made to sound like it’s about terrorism. But this is just a mask and what it’s really about is exercising and cementing control.

The primary reason is that these countries exist in name only. This transnational cabal makes its won policy. What we watch on TV is like a side show. This global network calls the shots about what is going to happen in each country. We already have a global empire. Globalism has already won. Our governments are a mask for what is going on behind the scenes.

So who is setting the policy? We discovered in the NSA documents that Five Eye policy is determined by the Five Eye directors. And they have plush luxury retreats and they decide what they want. Then they come to a consensus between themselves and go back to their countries and deploy those solutions.

Who specifically is responsible for the NSA? Ex-NSA author, James Bamford, says this is done by the Director of the NSA. He sets the directives for the NSA. What happens if they violate their own directives? Nothing. The director of NSA simply wrote new policy directives and applied retroactively to cover these illegal activities.

Does anyone hold the NSA Director accountable? Bamford points out there is a Judicial Review Board that includes the heads of each of the military services plus the CIA plus the State Department. But surprise, they have never been held to account. So the NSA has free reign.

The ICWatch Data Base published by Wikileaks documents indicate that New Zealand spy policy was drafted by US State Dept. employees in coordination with the Federal Reserve. There are general themes to the constant stream of legislation.

In NZ, we’ve had 6 or 7 bills relating to international spy agencies in the last 6 or 7 years. The general trends have been to anti-privacy and anti-due process.

Regarding Anti-privacy: We see warrantless data requests, the deconstruction of the oversight process, in NZ spying for “training purposes,” “domestic visual surveillance” (which means planting cameras in your house and spying on you in your house). This is all very Orwellian. In NZ, they can do this without a warrant and then use this information to obtain a warrant in order to continue the domestic visual surveillance on you.

They are trying to ban encryption around the world. They want to be able to have backdoor access to entire internet service providers. AT&T voluntarily cooperate. So they effectively become intelligence agencies.

Regarding anti-due process: They have removed the legal definition of threat to national security. This way, they cannot be held to account for their actions. Instead they created a system wherein it is at the discretion of some government bureaucrat whether or not something is a threat to national security. So now there is nothing in the law books that tells us what a threat to national security actually is. Then the term “threat to national security” is used in other legislation to justify all manner of punishments and targeting to civilians. It has become an arbitrary term that is arbitrarily applied. So they can decide that anyone is a threat. That’s super worrying.

The new warrant classes are another principle that is uniform across the Five Eyes. It used to be they had to have just cause to target someone. And they had to limit the targeting to the individual to a “person of interest.” Now they want to be able target entire classes of people, or large numbers of people, or target locations or target networks instead of people. So they could target everyone who was ever a customer of this business or that business. What it is in its essence: This now has become a general warrant.

The use of general warrants was one of the original causes of the American Revolution. It is now about classifying and grouping people- or even create fishing expeditions whereby they can harvest large numbers of targets. The reason is because they need more targets.

The reason for this is the integration of private surveillance and private for-profit intelligence agencies into the global network. Just as we saw with Rumsfeld’s “total force doctrine,” in which he declared that private military companies could be indemnified from prosecution and brought under the “total force doctrine” so they could operate in war zones for profit- the Blackwaters. The same thing has happened in the intelligence industry. There is now a profit motive in targeting people and groups. Targeting groups is more lucrative. So what we will see is that this phenomenon of people and groups becoming targeted by the state will grow and grow every year. Eventually, the capacity is there for it to become everyone.

Domestic visual surveillance will become universal. The for-profit model demands it. So this will eventually encompass the entire domestic population.

Data base reporting: The NSA hands over whole data bases of information to their customers. This is to water down the audit trail.

Good additional sources of information:

We are seeing the use of secret courts, secret evidence, we are seeing media being banned. We are seeing prosecution only trials. The defense doesn’t even know it’s happening. We are at a place where a transnational intelligence cabal supersedes government, law.

Why should people care about this? First, I think most human beings are anti-war. It seems there are only relatively few greedy psychopaths who are pro-war. But most people, unfortunately, are not anti-spy or anti-intelligence agency or anti-intelligence gathering. I want to make this very clear. If you are anti-war you must be anti-spy. This is because every single bomb dropped anywhere on the planet is dropped using intelligence agencies targeting systems and information and data gathered by them. NSA personnel are on-site with the operational military personnel in the war zones. And they are using the targeting systems- they are called the “real-time targeting gateway” system and a number of data bases. All this bombing is enabled by this transnational intelligence cabal. Likewise, the targeting of citizens in our home countries around the world uses that same military targeting systems against us in our own countries. Our inability to recognize the role of the intelligence agencies …. Our ignorance has led to our own demise and detriment. It is now everywhere.

George W. Bush said that in the War on Terror, the whole world is the battlefield. They weren’t joking. Their plan was to have the ability to target any person on the planet in real time. And that is what they have expanded their systems to have the capacity to do. And that is what they have been doing ever since. Every year the problem is getting worse and more widespread.

Today, they are not just targeting political dissidents, or journalists, they are targeting child abuse victims with pending claims against the government, and earth quake insurance claimants. This spying and targeting by government agencies is all paid for by taxpayer dollars.

At what point do we start looking at the people who are doing the targeting? These people are the same people facilitating the dropping the bombs in Syria, the destruction of Iraq and Afghanistan, and who are now setting their sites on Iran, Venezuela, and North Korea. Understand that the intelligence agencies that are targeting their own regular citizens in their own countries are the same agencies empowering every single bombing and war destruction in other nations. The same programs, the same funding, the same systems. The only difference is that instead of dropping bombs on our houses they hounding us to our deaths over a protracted period of time. Just like wars are done for profits, so the targeting is also all about the money.

So I have come to conclusion that these systems have got to go. They have to be defunded and shut down.

Whether this is done by shutting off the water to the computers in Bluffdale, Utah where all the NSA data is stored. The international intelligence cabal is targeting an ever expanding sector of their own populations. They have bastardized the entire judicial and political systems. I’m not OK with these people killing people quickly in wars and slowly domestically in our own countries. None of us should be OK with that.

So that’s what the ivs5i movement is about. After 7 years, I finally have the evidence I need to start suing these bastards for what they did to me in New Zealand. I have amazing legal council who is prepared to do this.

There has got to be a mass movement to shut down these agencies. Some people claim that it is really about the elite above the intelligence agencies. To me this is a more achievable goal than taking on the secret societies.

I’m acting on principle primarily. I’m not OK with what is being done and I’m not OK with it getting worse at the pace it’s getting worse. These agencies put me through hell in New Zealand. I’ve tried to explain this. They petrified me on a daily basis through myriad means. And they endangered me over and over again. And the net effect was to immunize me to it. Eventually, you aren’t afraid of them any more. I will fight them because they have no right to do it…. no many how many laws they write to justify themselves. You don’t have a right to any of it. And we human beings do have natural rights.

I felt compelled to step up after I saw what they did to Michael Hastings.

I also want to talk about risk. There are two kinds of risk. There is the risk that we face as activists and journalists. And there is the fear-driven risk that these agencies are obsessed with. For all the fear they try to instill in other people, they live in a constant state of fear. They consider what they do to be “risk management.” This is one of the principles of business. They view everything they do in terms of risk management. They think of the risk to themselves and are constantly obsessed with minimizing risk.

So whereas we activists are thinking of overcoming fear and taking risks, we consciously take risks all the time. The spies are the opposite. They are petrified of risk. They are obsessed with deniability and cover and creating lies and falsehoods- this is all about trying to minimize the risk to themselves. The Julian Assanges of this world set aside any fear of personal risk for principle. The spies set aside principle to minimize personal risk. That’s the fundamental difference. Those of us who follow this path of investigating and sharing this knowledge, are demonstrating courage and are overcoming fear. The spies are cowardly and can’t step up and face the light of truth. They use lies, they trade in lies to make themselves feel safe.

We trade in truth at the risk of it being dangerous. They trade in lies to try to keep themselves safe. It’s an interesting dichotomy between activists and those who attempt to control us. Between those who attempt to control us and those who are attempting to free humanity from this slavery system.

The intelligence systems are part of what is known as the military kill chain. The kill chain is completely dependent on the intelligence systems. This same system is being used domestically against innocent civilians. The Congressional Oversight Committee was targeted by the CIA. Oversight is either avoided or non-existent. In NSA documents there are countless references to avoiding Congressional and Constitutional oversight.

Liaisons are another method of control across the board. NSA plants spies (liaison officers) inside its customers- it’s all about keeping tight control over the flow of information. And there are police liaison officers who are all about controlling the information flow. The same mechanisms of control are perpetuated at all levels in society.

In terms of oversight, the inspector generals of the intelligence services has no mandated authority over private intelligence contractors…. so it is completely useless. This means that intelligence agencies will outsource their dirty work to these companies.

So these oversight mechanisms are completely ineffective.

So we the people must take it upon ourselves to organize and hold these agencies to account. It’s on all of us. The greatest polluters on the planet are the militaries. The greatest purveyors of war on the planet are the militaries. Theft and contamination of the water.

The countries that partner with the Global Network are ultimately destroyed. It puts us in a worse situation than we’ve ever been in. This is the subjugation of being a vassal state… They are bleeding their own countries dry.

Q&A: I am currently being represented by one of Julian Assange’s lawyers.


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Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge, insights and experiences with us and for answering so many of our questions. <3 mw3516405 1 year ago (edited) Thank you ! Take care stay put please ; these ppl are to heartless and treacherous ! These ppl don't change there spots like leopards !! Snowden wants to return unbelievable!! Stay safe ! Poor Assange who knows what he's going through ! We will pray ! ♥️It's hard ! Your very intelligent person !! I feel like crying everything you and Assange are being put through ; so unfair ! Rumored JA is being overly medicated and is extremely under weight ! ♥️ Anna Net 1 year ago Thank you Suzi. So grateful for your work. Autumn Targeted Individual in NZ 1 year ago Love you courageous Suzi!!! stephen lennon 1 year ago I"m a NZer and respect your activism keep up the good work Peter Simon 1 year ago Hi Suzie! Great to hear this from you! Stephen Morrell 1 year ago Fusion centres were originally set up in Vietnam under the US' infamous Phoenix Program which are the prototype/template for the present ones. Esteleen Westby 3 months ago When will your social media accounts be reopened? Much love to you Suzie. Keep you head up. You have been an amazing tuber00009 1 year ago Tried downloading the audio file using Youtube converter...file won't play on my phone as there's a "problem with this file"...I've never had this issue before... Suzie Greer 1 year ago Hi SiS hope everything goes well by the way i dont know why but i have a talent with AI because i e understand it Dan122 1 year ago The intelligence agencies are themselves the secret societies. marilyn m 1 year ago I want to look at that Wikileaks. Glenn McGrath 1 year ago Perhaps this is the second video Suzie is referring to "Jacob, Laura Poitras: Reconstructing narratives" - Noah Daughhetee 1 year ago (edited) So is this national security definition fuckery only in New Zealand? Red-baitingSwine 6 months ago Harrison/Appelbaum "After the summer of Snowden": Julia Wei 1 year ago No sound ???????????? Ha, ha, ha.............again, 5 eyes did it ?! Arne Berends 1 year ago TheSpiralnotebook 1 year ago Turn that horrible music off!