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G. Edward Griffin, Author

G. Edward Griffin

He is author of “The Creature from Jekyll Island” which relates the explores the criminal history of the Federal Reserve System.

The Interview: 

G. Edward Griffin – 2/26/08 Interview:

G. Edward Griffin- 2/26/08 

His book describes the origin of banking.  Federal Reserve appears to be a bank but it’s a banking cartel- like an oil cartel, a sugar cartel, etc.  Through the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, government has given this cartel a legal monolopoly, a franchise to create the nation’s money.  The cartel monopolists believe, like John D. Rockefeller, that “competition is a sin.”   So they set up governments to pass laws to regulate and limit their competition.  100% of all dollars are created out of loans; they are interest on nothing.   As more money is created (through new loans), its value automatically decreases and inflation accelerates.  The Federal Reserve is not authorized by the Constitution.  There is movement toward a central world fiat currency administered by the Bank of International Settlements.  Griffin belongs to Freedom Force International ( – now trying to re-take over social power centers.  The current ruling elite are “collectivists” who believe that the group is more important than the individual; Freedom Force International is made up of “individualists.”  It has taken the “collectivists” hundreds of years to control power centers- using an occult, Satanic base.

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