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(Communist) East German Stasi “Zerzetzung” (decomposition) = Organized Gang Stalking

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December 11, 2018

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December 1, 2018

I. Stasi and Gang Stalking Similarities. Coincidence?

By mstmha
Stasi and Gang Stalking Similarities. Coincidence?


I. The Stasi and Gang Stalking Similarities. Coincidence?

It seems that the Stasi and the programs of Gang Stalking have much in common. Below, I have listed some of which has made up the Stasi program from the past. It was amazing to find that the Stasi’s agenda from past history has been mirrored in the lives of today’s Targeted Individuals who suffer the terroristic threat of gang stalking. Is it really a coincidence that they both seem as if they are one and the same?

Note: *Anything read below in regards to the Stasi is an almost exact epitomy of the Gang Stalking program of today.

See for more detailed information on the programs of the Stasi.

The Stasi, as follows:

1. Spied on the population, mainly through a vast network of citizens turned informants (watchdogs)

2. Used overt and covert methods of attack

3. Used psychological warfare/psychological destruction of their dissidents

4. Espionage

5. Surveillance of mail and telephone communications

6. Analyzed garbage

7. Sabotaged

8. Used armed forces

9. Operated in all foreign countries

10.Surveillance of foreigners

11.Coordinated its work with Soviet Intelligence Agencies

12.The Stasi trained and/or helped build secret police for others including Ethiopia, Cuba, Egypt, People’s Republic of Angola, the People’s Republic of Mozambique, and the People’s Republic of Yemen (South Yemen), Syria, etc.

13.Operated its own penal system which comprised of prison camps for political, as opposed to, criminal offenders

14.Less mentally and academically-endowed candidates were made ordinary soldiers/agents

15.Infiltration of the residential areas, schools, universities, and hospitals of their victims. Reporting of victim visitations, including all family and friends.

16.Privacy Invasion-Drilled holes in apartments and hotel rooms and filmed citizens with special video cameras

17.Formal categorizations of victims

18.Informants were made to feel important, given material or social incentives, and were imbued with a sense of adventure, and only around 7.7%, according to official figures, were coerced into cooperating. They frequently employed the use of blackmail. In some cases, spouses spied on one another.

19.Gas lighting/Psychological Harassment/Zersetzung*

*Zersetzung generally involved the disruption of the victim’s private or family life. This often included psychological attacks such as breaking into homes and messing with the contents – moving furniture, altering the timing of an alarm, removing pictures from walls or replacing one variety of tea with another. Other practices included property damage, sabotage of cars, purposely incorrect medical treatment, smear campaigns including sending falsified compromising photos or documents to the victim’s family, denunciation, provocation, psychological warfare, psychological subversion, wiretapping, bugging, mysterious phone calls or unnecessary deliveries, even including sending a vibrator to a target’s wife.

20.Arrest and Torture


22.They operated brothels. Also, agents were used against both men and women working in Western governments. “Entrapment” was used against married men and homosexuals.

23.Sent sleeper agents to other countries (namely the West)

24.The Stasi channeled large amounts of money to Neo-Nazi groups in West, with the purpose of discrediting the West.

25.Used armed weapons

26.Assassinated using death squads, kidnapped, poisoned victims, etc.

27.Assisted in the cover-up of traces to a crime

II. Illegal Government Surveillance: The Stasi’s “Zersetzung” Tactics And Gang Stalking

The Stasi’s Zersetzung Tactics and Gang Stalking

(XKeyscore) Wake up America! Ex-Stasi personnel were hired by the Department of Homeland Security.

Who were the Stasi? The Stasi was an aggressive police agency that terrorized the East German population until the fall of the Iron Curtain – and Markus Wolfe, the former head of the Stasi, helped form DHS and assisted in the deployment (within the United States) of covert and overt tactics utilized by the Stasi to oppress the East German citizenry.

The FBI, DHS, and NSA are now engaged in utilizing unconstitutional Stasi techniques called Zersetzung, and a huge civilian spy branch has already been deployed in the United States for more than a decade.

Are you aware of how out of control things really are in the “Land of the Free?”

The “civilians” involved in this widespread operation are comprised of immigrants – both legal and illegal, criminals, ex-cons, and the dregs of US society – hired by the FBI’s civilian branch called InfraGard – which on the street-level, helps manage this unconstitutional and sadistic program, primarily comprised of sociopathic misfits.

YouTube has thousands of videos of people who claim to be victims of “Gang Stalking” or “Gangstalking.”

In many cases (not all, but many), these innocent Americans who claim that they are victims of “Gang Stalking” are the targets of this illegal counter-intelligence program (COINTELPRO) run out of the Department of Justice, and simply do not recognize who or what is behind their harassment and destruction of their lives, relationships and livelihoods.

The Church Committee exposed this illegal program (which was never terminated) in the 1970’s.

It is a multi-billion dollar (and illegal) program which funnels funds to InfraGard and private security companies run by ex-FBI, ex-DEA, ex-DoD employees.

Anyone who has been placed on a watch-list is a potential target for data-theft, cyber-harassment, break-ins (usually no sign of forced entry), vandalism, overt harassment, covert harassment, slander, destruction of personal and professional relationships, economic sabotage of targets, and stalking in commercial locations.

All of these activities are coordinated from (basically) two playbooks: The Stasi’s “Zersetzung” tactics and the Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group (JTRIG) – a branch of the UK’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ).

JTRIG (and now the FBI, DHS and NSA) run their operations based on the 5 D’s: Deny, Deceive, Disrupt, Degrade, Destroy.

These are “soft-kill” methods which ruin the lives of innocent American citizens while leaving a “negligible footprint” – i.e. little to no evidence of the harassment and unconstitutional activity perpetrated by the rogue factions within the US Government.

The Stasi utilized the same tactics, albeit their reach was more limited than the illegal program being run in the US due to technological limitations, since the use of computers at that time and in that area of the world were nearly non-existent.

However, in this day and age the high level of integration of smart-phones, computers, and tablets, has facilitated the government’s illegal spying program and helped strip Americans of their constitutional rights.

Unfortunately, while countries like Russia (which is still not “perfect” or totally free by any means) have gradually become a bit more democratic and open, the pendulum in the United States is rapidly swinging in the other direction.

We now live in a police-styled state where innocent Americans can be put on a “pre-crime-styled” watch-list (think Minority Report) as “potential” domestic threats, or “potential” domestic terrorists, via decisions in a closed-door kangaroo court referred to as the “star chamber.”

There is no due process in these decisions, victims have no idea of what they have been accused of, and the DoJ has ordered local and state law enforcement to “stand down” when complaints are made regarding any of the aforementioned illegal activities.

Who are the watch-listed “domestic threats” and “domestic terrorists?”

Politically outspoken individuals, academics, activists, investigative journalists, NRA members, veterans, anti-abortion protesters, Tea Party members, conservatives, LGBT community members, BLM/Occupy Wall street participants, Americans who own property abroad, out-of-the-box thinkers, Americans married to a foreigner, world travelers, scholars who research of military subjects, whistle-blowers, etc.

And this is not even an “all-inclusive” list.

Rogue factions within the federal government do not like empowered individuals or independent thinkers who can’t be shuffled around and manipulated like mindless sheep. They want malleable people who are easy to influence, and will drink the “kool-aid” without questioning what the “special recipe” really is.

“Gang Stalking” aka post 9/11 COINTELPRO, is really a culling program which has been implemented by the government in an attempt to control or nullify empowered people, natural leaders, intellects or anyone else who they feel threatens their agenda – which consists of leveraging more power over the American public while simultaneously destroying our constitutional rights.

Most law enforcement and intelligence personnel are decent people and deserve our respect, however there is a very rotten, thuggish, and corrupt 2% which is destroying America like an invisible plague. via illegal data interception and street-level domestic intelligence (DOMINT) operations – which equate to organized stalking and harassment – against innocent Americans utilizing the Stasi’s Zersetzung tactics.

Recommended Books:

Gang Stalking: The Threat to Humanity

How to Deal with and Defeat Gang Stalkers

What They Have Always Known & You Don’t: A Target’s Survival Guide

Project Soul Catcher: Secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare Revealed

Snitch Culture: How Citizens are Turned into the Eyes and Ears of the State

My Life Changed Forever: The Years I Have Lost as a Target of Organized Stalking

III. Stasi directive on Zersetzung translated in English

Stasi Directive on Zersetzung (“Decompositio” aka Gang Stalking)

In East Germany the secret police Stasi had a psychological subversion program called Zersetzung (decomposition) that was similar to the organized stalking programs used today in western countries, including Finland. Here’s a translation (not by me) of an official East German government document on the program:

2.6. The application of decomposition measures

2.6.1. Aim and areas of application of measures

Measures of decomposition are to be directed at evocation, as well as exploitation and reinforcement of such conflicts and differences between hostile-negative forces, through which they crack, get paralyzed, become disorganized and isolated and their hostile-negative plots, as well as their impacts, get precautionarily prevented, essentially constrained or altogether prevented.

In dependence to the precise situation among hostile-negative forces the attitude of certain people, who have relevant links, is to be influenced in such way that they give up their hostile-negative position and additional positive influence is possible.

Decomposition measures can be directed at groups, assemblies and organisations as well as individuals and should be used as an independent way to end operative procedures or in correlation with other ways of termination.
The leader of the operative units have to ensure that in political-operative necessity decomposition measures must be an indispensable part of offensive tactics.

Decomposition measures are to be applied in particular:

* when, during the processing of operative measures, the necessary proof for the existence of a “state crime” [political offender] or other has been developed, and the according operative process needs to be closed without penitentiary measures due to political or political-operative reasons in the interest of a higher use to society.

* in connection with the execution of criminal proceedings, in particular for destroying enemy forces and stopping the public extent of negative-hostile actions against the society.

* for effective preventive suppression of state-hostile activity and other negative-hostile actions like e.g.

* preventing the effectivity of negative state-hostile organizations and groups,

* confinement of the effectivity of politically decomposing opinions e.g. of harmful actions * against leaders and backers of state-hostile action on operative grounds

* against people, groups, and organizations, whose activities emanate from the dissemination e.g. promotion of political-ideological diversion and other decomposition measures against the GDR

2.6.2. Forms, devices and methods of decomposition

The choice of decomposition measures to be performed dependent on the individual subject, the aim and the exact assessment of achieved results in the respective operational process.

Approved methods of decomposition are:

* the systematic discrediting of reputation due to spreading of true, checkable, discrediting statements and wrong but believable, non deniable, discrediting statements.

* the systematic organisation of jobwise and social failures for destroying any self confidence of individual subjects.

* the focused destruction of convictions associated with certain ideals, role models etc and the creating of doubts about the personal angle.

* the creation of mistrust and mutual suspicion in groups and organisations.

* the creation, exploitation and reinforcement of rivalry in groups and organizations due to aimed exploitation of weaknesses from certain members.

* the keeping of organizations and groups busy with their internal problems with the aim to stop negative hostile-actions.

* local and temporal prevention and restriction of mutual relationships of group/organization members due to legal actions like workplace binding and assignment of remotely located workplaces.

In the implementation of decomposition measures are primarily reliable and approved “inofficial personnel” to choose. [see also “Inoffizielle Mitarbeiter (IM)]

Approved methods of decomposition are:

* the deployment of inofficial personnel as courier, confidant of the group leader, supervisor, official of cognizance out of the operations area, other contact persons etc.

* Use of anonymous or pseudonymous letters, telegrams, phone calls etc. compromising photos of e.g. real or faked meetings.

* focused spreading of rumors about targeted individuals, a group, groups or organization.

* focused indiscretion or fake of deconspiration of defense measurements of the Ministry for National Security

* order to questioning of people at state ministries or social organizations under believable or unbelievable reasoning

These measures and methods have to be adapted, differ, enhance, develop and used depending on the current operational status.

2.6.3 The approach of elaboration and execution of decomposition measures

Requirement and basis for the elaboration of effective decomposition measures is the thorough analysis of the operative process, especially to carve out appropriate connections, such as existing contradictions, differences and accordingly of compromising material.

The exact definition of the concrete goal of the decomposition measures need to be carried out on the basis of the analysis’ results.

According to the defined goal, the thorough preparation and planning of the decomposition measures have to be performed. In the preparation – insofar as necessary – ensuring the conspiracy, the deployed inofficial personnel of the respective operative process need to be included.

The plans for execution of decomposition measures require the affirmation by the head of the main/autonomous devision or district/main administration respectively.

Plans for execution of decomposition measures against:

* organisations, groups, groupings or single persons in the operating field [area]

* people in prominent, central, social positions or with international or massive influence respectively

* as well as in other political operative cases of particular importance are to be submitted to me or my deputy in charge for affirmation.

The execution of measures of decomposition must be consistent and strict.

This includes the constantly inofficial check of the results and effects. The effects must be documented accurately.

Depending on political-operational needs, further political-operative controlling measures have to be ordered and forced.

… Stasi often used a method which was really diabolic. It was called Zersetzung, and it’s described in another guideline. The word is difficult to translate because it means originally “biodegradation.” But actually, it’s a quite accurate description. The goal was to destroy secretly the self-confidence of people, for example by damaging their reputation, by organizing failures in their work, and by destroying their personal relationships. Considering this, East Germany was a very modern dictatorship. The Stasi didn’t try to arrest every dissident. It preferred to paralyze them, and it could do so because it had access to so much personal information and to so many institutions. Detaining someone was used only as a last resort. For this, the Stasi owned 17 remand prisons, one in every district. Here, the Stasi also developed quite modern methods of detention. Normally, the interrogation officer didn’t torture the prisoner. Instead, he used a sophisticated system of psychological pressure in which strict isolation was central. Nearly no prisoner resisted without giving a testimony. If you have the occasion, do visit the former Stasi prison in Berlin and attend a guided tour with a former political prisoner who will explain to you how this worked.

– Hubertus Knabe, German historian

IV. What is Gang Stalking? Stasi/CIONTELPRO tactics, used against innocent individuals, with the ultimate goal of psychologically destroying a human being. FIGHTGANGSTALKING (self.TargetedIndividuals)

submitted 3 years ago by GangStalkingKills

From What is Gang Stalking: Stasi/Cointelpro Tactics
A Brief Explanation of Gang Stalking:


Counterintelligence is the assessment and countering of threats posed by enemy subversion, espionage, and sabotage. Counterintelligence efforts include tactics such as covert surveillance (spying on the enemy), sabotage (disruption of the enemy’s activities), and disinformation (efforts to deceive the enemy and – when it serves the objectives of the counterintelligence program – the public).

“Gang stalking” – also known as “organized stalking” – is a slang term for a set of tactics used in counterintelligence operations involving the covert surveillance and harassment of a targeted individual. The goal of such operations – in the parlance of counterintelligence personnel – is to “subvert” or “neutralize” an individual deemed by a government agency (or corporation) to be an enemy.

Arguably, the term “organized stalking” is superior to “gang stalking” since it more accurately conveys the systematic nature of the crime and also avoids creating the erroneous impression that the activity is connected with street gangs.

Organized stalking methods were used extensively by communist East Germany’s Stasi (state police) as a means of maintaining political control over its citizens. The Stasi referred to the tactics as “zersetzung” (German for “decomposition” or “corrosion” – a reference to the intended psychological, social, and financial effects upon the victim).

Although they are illegal in the U.S., the same covert tactics are used by America’s local and federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies to suppress dissent, silence whistle-blowers, and get revenge against persons who have angered someone with connections to the public and private agencies involved.

Illegal counterintelligence operations have been perpetrated against Americans by urban police departments in the U.S. since the late 1800s. Traditionally, the groups of mostly-undercover police officers involved are called “red squads,” although the modern official term is “Law Enforcement Intelligence Units (LEIUs).”

The most well-documented example of such operations was the FBI’s infamous Cointelpro (Counter-Intelligence Programs) under the direction of J. Edgar Hoover. Those operations ran from 1956 until 1971 when they were exposed by political activists who broke into an FBI office and obtained secret documents which they handed over to the press.

Cointelpro’s official goal was to “expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize” individuals and groups deemed to be subversive.

As the U.S. Senate’s investigation of Cointelpro found, tactics used by the FBI included many of the methods associated with gang stalking, such as overt surveillance (stalking for psychological operations purposes). The agency even perpetrated crimes such as blackmail and assassinations.

Organized stalking methods include warrantless electronic surveillance, slander, blacklisting, and a variety of psychological operations. The latter presumably exploit findings from studies such as the notorious MK Ultra experiments conducted on American and Canadian citizens by the CIA, as well as the aforementioned psychological torture tactics refined by the Stasi. In fact, as explained in the overview below, former CIA analyst and expert on the history of U.S. spying, George O’Toole wrote about a connection between the CIA and the aforementioned LEIUs.

An organized stalking victim is systematically isolated and harassed in a manner intended to cause sustained emotional torment while creating the least-possible amount of evidence of stalking that would be visible to others. The process is sometimes referred to as “no-touch torture.” Methods are specifically chosen for their lack of easily-captured objective evidence. Perpetrators use common annoyances such as constant noise by neighbors or rude comments and abusive behavior by strangers, but on a frequent ongoing long-term basis. The cumulative effects of relentless exposure to such tactics can amount to psychological torture for the victim.

Accomplices – such as neighbors, co-workers, and even friends or relatives of the victim in some cases – are recruited to participate (often unwittingly) by counterintelligence personnel using various means, such as by telling them that the target is a potential threat or that the target is the subject of an “investigation.”

A whole set of psychological operations are perpetrated against targeted individuals.
Accounts by numerous victims of organized stalking share common specific details – suggesting that the perpetrators are following a well-tested and standardized playbook of methods that have proven to be easily kept off of the radar of potential witnesses and the mainstream news media.

For more information, visit:

V. FightGang Stalking“ – Fight the corrupt elite and their Stasi puppets

Publiziert am 19. Oktober 2015 von _ADMIN_

1. Shine a light on the cockroaches.

Organized stalking is a manifestation of the view that intelligence and law enforcement agencies, their corporate cronies, and the military-industrial complex should have supremacy over all other elements of American government.

Even if you think that is a desirable power structure for national security reasons, it is impossible to deny that it grossly violates core principles of the U.S. Constitution. Organized stalking also violates stalking prohibitions under federal law and state laws in all fifty states.

One of the implications of that is that the perpetrators need to keep it a secret.

This is a primary difference between the use of organized stalking as a domestic counterintelligence strategy in America today and its use by the Stasi (state police) in communist East Germany: in the U.S. it is illegal.

„This was true during the original version of Cointelpro also – and was a primary reason the U.S. Senate conducted its Church Committee investigations after the FBI’s activities were exposed by civilian activists.

Many of the tactics and strategies employed by the Stasi were virtually identical to those now used (and largely out-sourced apparently) by the FBI and other agencies in the U.S.

In East Germany however, the Stasi wanted citizens to be aware that their society was infested with spies because it furthered the communist party’s goal of political control. In the U.S., such a public awareness would trigger a backlash against the abuse of power by the government and its cronies, so it is kept under the radar.

So the Achilles’ heel of gang stalking is exposure.

From the perspective of intelligence and law enforcement agencies and corporations which use organized stalking as a secret illegal weapon for subversion, the perfect operation is one in which the target becomes progressively isolated, impoverished, emotionally degraded, and eventually commits suicide. That does happen in some cases – the most prominent example being the FBI’s psychological torture of actress and political activist Jean Seberg.

Seberg’s case was tactically successful in the short term (they destroyed her emotionally), but it was ultimately a strategic failure for the FBI because their crimes against her ended up on the front pages of national newspapers.

Without question, the vast majority of Americans do not want to live in a society infested with spies working for a Stasi-type government. To the extent that you can educate your fellow citizens about the creepy and illegal stalking activities of private security mercenaries, vigilantes, and corrupt law enforcement officers, they will be on your side.

Targets of organized stalking must wage a two-front war: we must act locally to expose the harassment to neighbors and others, and we must expose what is happening on a national level as well. Both objectives are critical.

2. Take calculated risks.
Organized stalking is cowardly and illegal, but the strategy is not stupid. On the contrary; it employs tactics that are both effective and difficult to
prove legally. Also, it exploits the superior financial and political resources of the corrupt agencies and their corporate cronies which use it as a weapon.
Incidentally, civil disobedience is a well-established, respected, and morally legitimate way to protest injustices. For targets of criminal harassment by corrupt members of law enforcement agencies and security contractors, it is even more than that; it is a necessary form of self-defense.“

Several things are worth noting about the example of Martin Luther King, Jr. Although he was the target of cowardly and illegal harassment by creeps in a rogue law enforcement agency, he never bowed to their efforts at intimidation. Also note that King is now honored by a national holiday – whereas FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover is mostly reviled.
The “Streisand Effect” is when an effort to suppress information inadvertently causes an increase in attention to the information.
„Before Streisand filed her lawsuit, “Image 3850” had been downloaded from Adelman’s website only six times; two of those downloads were by Streisand’s attorneys. As a result of the case, public knowledge of the picture increased substantially; more than 420,000 people visited the site over the following month. – Wikipedia“

Gang stalking perps (including corrupt members of local law enforcement agencies) will not want to attract attention to their gang stalking crimes by doing battle with you in a public way, so they have to be very reserved in their efforts to suppress your exposure of what is happening.

3. Exploit technology.
Technical counter-measures can seriously disrupt some forms of surveillance and harassment used in organized stalking.“

4. Never give up.

Already the digital public square is filled with information and rhetoric which the U.S. government would prefer to censor but cannot, posted by Americans fed-up with the corruption, secrecy, and abuses of power in the upper echelons of government and corporations.

Even the federal government’s massive self-serving security apparatus and its abettors in mainstream media institutions cannot effectively monitor and control the flow of information anymore. Dissent is harder to marginalize and censor in a digital landscape filled with whistle-blowers, citizen- journalists, bloggers, and alternative media websites (from all across the ideological spectrum).

Independent thinkers, entrepreneurs, entities such as WikiLeaks, and movements such as Anonymous have created an information network in which citizens
no longer have to wait for the New York Times to expose the next Pentagon Papers conspiracy – or the Washington Post to expose the next Watergate
scandal. Even the New York Times admits this:

“News no longer needs the permission of traditional gatekeepers to break through. Scoops can now come from all corners of the media map and find an
audience just by virtue of what they reveal.” – David Carr, New York Times, June 16, 2013

One of the objectives of gang stalking is to isolate and break-down the targeted individual by creating the impression that the whole society is against him or her. Don’t make the mistake of believing that false impression. Although the number of people who participate in gang stalking must be large, they are still a very small minority compared with the general population. The vast majority of Americans do not wish to have our society become a creepy police state filled with citizen spies, as happened in the communist nation of East Germany.

Gang stalking victims need to challenge the careerist statist rodents in the food chain, and support political reformers – libertarians, progressives, and others – who defend the individual rights and freedoms.. against the predatory inclinations of powerful government and corporate institutions.

It is far more realistic to work at exposing the deep corruption in America’s law enforcement and intelligence agencies. ….“


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