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Appendix 214: Sabrina Wallace on Hi-Jacked Biofield


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Sabrina on High-Jacked BioField

The Following is a transcription from one of Sabrina Wallace (Davis)’s videos found at the link above.

“This channel belongs to a disabled American 40 plus year old woman who vlogs daily about her knowledge in multiple disciplines including vocational experience and psionic experience that was tested as a child and ongoing into adulthood.”

This is from a Saturday broadcast of Infowars with Alex Jones and Steve Quayle:

Quayle:…if you are a follower of Jesus stand up for Jesus and don’t let those scumbags mock you.

Sabrina: so, we agree on that. Stand up for Jesus and don’t let people mock Him.

Quayle:…just stand up…just put up one of those articles on fetal stem cells. Ladies and Gentlemen, we are being hybridized. We are being absolutely de-humanized. Bill Gates and others have talked about wanting to get rid of the part of the human Genome that relates to the living God.

Alex: there is a mainline study that 5G and magnets can block the area of the brain that is connected to higher consciousness, contact with God, and trigger violent and destructive behavior when those waves block that just like they tell us in the Kingsman where they send the sequence out through the cell phones, through the 5G and everybody starts killing each other.

Sabrina: they send the what? One more time…what did he say?…. block the area of the brain that is connected to higher consciousness, contact with God, and trigger violent and destructive behavior when those waves block that just like they tell us in the Kingsman where they send the sequence out through the cell phones, through the 5G and everybody starts killing each other.

Sabrina: so, they send the ‘sequence through the 5G’. Now, here I am coming out here every day trying to show people exactly that. You are in a paired, native sequence…that is what it is called. If it is an industrial, scientist or military band for a satellite and I sell satellite phones (as do Steve Quayle, Alex Jones, and Mike Adams and others) I have to know that by law and that means I also have to understand a sequence coming through the cell phone towers. What radio frequency international standard for electronics and engineering for RF work was used to send a signal through the wireless into your phone into your biosensors that are in your body?

802.15.4—as usual Quayle and Adams cannot be bothered and no one can tell you anything. But they can ‘tell’ you in a movie and in passing in their interviews. Big problem—huge problem. They know it and that is why they are never going to tell anyone anything real.

Sorry folks, it’s very obvious that it is very engineered. All I can tell you is that if this is how it is going to stay, clearly everyone is pay for play.

If I were you I would download my videos because I delete them fairly often. I am trying to shorten them so people can use them more effectively. Why? Where else are you going to find out about this? Like, actually in order, this is how it works so you can take care of your own business.

You are not (able to take care of your own business). They are going to give you a partial truth, another partial truth. You know what that does? That kills people. Psinergists, do the people you love a favor. If you honestly have someone who is truly trying to figure out how this system works, so they can apply intelligence and metrics to their own situation, I have yet to find another source that has been completely honest. If anyone else has one out there, please drop it here. But that is how it works; I am telling the truth.

Everyone else is saying, Bluetooth?

Bluetooth? Oh I have never heard of that, no. We do a 3 point pulse. Biosensor? No, that is a bioweapon. What do you mean satellite? I have no idea what a sequence feeder grid is.

We use this word on the Psinergist channel—it’s a sequence grid issue. I said, you are feeding your people to something bigger than you. They will leave you alone, but anybody who is connected to your community … they are dead.

You told them it was electro-magnetic field theory. You did not tell them it was 802.15.4. You told them it was a demon field…you told them somebody else was going to come and save them. You didn’t tell them our government is who uses 802.15.4.

You told them their digital ID works differently. You did not tell them their digital ID works with 802.15.4 with an MQ9 reaper drone on Pentagon Statement 3000.09 as per the college textbook of doom and the Pentagon:

You didn’t tell them any of that. You didn’t tell them they have a body part so they can actually get back in touch with their own body and make decisions. You told them complete BS and you are getting away with it because nobody is making you accountable, except right here on my channel.

I am going to make you intellectually accountable. Hopefully instead of being pissed off and acting like a 2 year old, you can turn around and say, this is the new digital ID:

This is a 6G LOPAN (PAN = personal area network). A 6G PAN is the same radio frequency IEEE and that is 802.15.6. 6G LOPAN is 802.15.6. The biosensors themselves are 802.15.4. The wireless sensor networks they run on acronym is WSN and the technical writing is 802.15.5.

They have been running your body with data, commercially selling your body routing data, since 2005. But Quayle, Adams and Alex Jones don’t know? Like I continue to tell you, you have been listening to these people for 3 years, lying right to your face. They are still doing it. Feeder grids are called sequences.

Once again and it is not a maybe, ‘natively paired sequencing.’

It’s right here in the combinatory libraries for DNA encoded solid phase synthesis and what does it give us? The ability to make sure the Obama death panels and their carrier waves match the smart devices in your house they watch 24/7.

They make changes with wireless tissue engineering to do to your bloodstream whatever they want in real time. But they don’t use a person standing next to you shooting a gun at you.

They have a body area network and those spiked proteins live on this. they live in a data center and they come and go into you. I said, How? Everyone out there lied and they followed the Karen Kingston lie and they lied some more.

If you are on my channel you found out quickly that we have an IEEE of photonics as well.

As soon as you stop lying to people about how you get into their bodies with the wireless and you stay there, biosensors are permanent, they are half synthetic and they are half biological. The sooner you tell people we have been at this for almost 20 years, the sooner you are going to be able to assess your environment.

If you think watching only the Alien Wars guy is going to save you, you are not paying attention. The old days of radio frequency (RF), even the phase array and beam forming –we are past that. It is called the IEEE of photonics. If you still don’t know what I am talking about I have a couple of videos right now where you can watch me take you over to my monitor and I google for you.1 (notetaker: go the website side menu and select free reports, scroll down to the final report, enter your first name and email address to open the report and see the entire presentation with screen shots.) Some of this stuff is hard to find. I take you through it and I show you piezo-electric harvesting out of your bones.

I show you the numbers. And I show you how it transmits inside packets in the wireless right out of your bone marrow right out of your red blood cells, and right into joules that are then powering the 6G LOPAN in the green energy in the Soilent Green coming out of you. Again, they know it and I just played it for you with the proper terminology. They use the sequence with the 5G. Yes, they can.

In the same interview these two men (Quayle and Jones) discuss the fact that this is all planned, operational and it is pin-pointed by sequences. Those are feeder grids.

So if you are listening to some community (on the internet) and all of them are lying, and you are totally ‘bought in’, you believe them…what are ‘they’ going to do to you for real? It is just like Kundo said, and they said it in the interview (shown at the beginning) they have eyes on everyone who has not been injected, and who is still talking about not being injected.

Any of you who are stupid enough to keep following these liars, ‘they’ are just going to come and get you. It’s prima material and the drones are in charge—not you. Where is the body part? How is it working for you? Have you been able to feel it yet or are you too busy sitting there like a 2 year old telling everybody they are nuts and pretending I am an internet ‘ho’?

And all this time I have been out here and they have chased me off everywhere on Brighteon, they don’t want anybody to know anything real. I kept coming back out here anyway. If someone brought you to my channel, they want you to be alive. You won’t find it anywhere else until they do what they are going to do in the sky.

Why? Because somebody has a data center with you in it. Sorry. But if you didn’t know that covid had its own body area networks (BAN) and if you don’t understand that since the 1990s a BAN is your bones you are dead. They lied and there is no software that is going to get you out of this. It is photonic. It is instant. It is something I used to call energy work.

It is energy—it is your prana, your chi. Remember, they told you that it did not exist because they have been harvesting it for 150 years.

Take a look at any of my videos in the last couple of days on the channel, and have an appreciation for the fact that if I can hear the software running through my bloodstream, and I can, I can type it in and find open AI. I can look again and see it coming in with a MAC ID and trying to rearrange my cellular structure, you have to wonder.

They get to defend themselves and they get to ‘pay for play’ for $45,000 to be in a sequence grid that is not affected by X amount of bioweapon rolling, through the ubiquitous, through the wireless. It is ubiquitous computing.

How are you going to protect yourself from that? It is not a radio frequency and it is not a beam form. As far as disconnecting you from your somatoform,2 they disconnected you from the gene that actually allows you to feel anything outside of you, consciousness-wise.

We haven’t had these discussions yet. I’ll be going after Michael Levine and the people he is working with because I just realized today, the flatworms and all that—once they separate out all your cell structure, they don’t need you to be in one piece. I never considered that. It caught me a little off-guard again because I am just not that evil. But, the way that they are actually executing this stuff, the sooner people stop acting like dodo birds, the better you are going to be. Sorry people, but each day it is getting worse and worse and more dangerous to lie about this.

If you are from one of these communities you have to get your mind right. They haven’t been lying to everyone for 3 years by accident. If you are listed inside of them, this is why the Beartaria (?) people are in serious trouble. If anybody on this channel hears Owen Benjamin say biofield, please let me know. I don’t listen to him—he’s been running a lot of noise.

These people that are running noise are being promised the feudal power and Steve Quayle lied and said we are so close to the mark. I am sitting here looking at the biosensors and the underground stuff, right here at the end they are talking about hybridizing people and they have the power to turn your arm into something else.

It’s wireless tissue engineering. They are lying to everyone while open GPT, and I have 6 different youtube videos on it right now, 6 different places, and they are all freaking out. Here, on this channel, if you have been educating yourself with me, you know there is no reason to be freaking out. Project Salus was around a long time ago. But to them, no one has told them anything real—just go to work and do what I say.

These plans that these people have been implementing all these years with these Nephilm are not just going to fade away and they are not just going to stop. So the sooner you get people out of the psyop the better.

Please only leave love flames as we have a lot of countries that are unable to comment on the channel. I get a lot of different emails from people saying thank you Sabrina, please don’t stop what you do, please don’t give up.

It has been that way since May. Too many people are unable to say anything. Other people cannot survive the directed energy weapon attacks. If there is anybody who left who is confused that electronic warfare is real, and currently being used, I’m so sorry. You should probably do some research immediately.

Last but not least where is your biofield?

Pylo-erection of the body hair in response to biofield exercise.

Those of you who are playing around with the software and the hardware with your wearables and just taking over people’s consciousness and heterodyne and ‘walking in to them’, kaboom, kaboom! Whose fault is that? You blame God for everything else—you might as well blame Him again. He is the one who taught us through our Bibles the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the entire body.

You people took a body part for yourselves, and used us as your own personal hard drive and didn’t bother to tell anybody anything. So nobody even knows how to defend themselves against you. That is disgusting.

It is about time that those of you who are using wearables on people and those of you targeting people using all this different type of deployed software, especially those of you that are (using) ‘off the shelf’ (software), it’s time that you meet someone like myself who knows how to explode that signal so that you can pick up your eardrums as they ooze out of your face much like us in the Oompa Loompa tribe who want to be with our families and are laying in a bed somewhere swelling.

Why? You are playing around with human bodies. So you get paid to do it and it’s your job. Cool. When you run into somebody like me who is not tethered to your systems, I am going to blow your eardrums out of your ears because I don’t know who you are. I cannot feel you … you are not human anymore.

You are hybridized and now you are just a system, you are just a machine and you report to my biofield like graphene because you are. You are more graphene than human. That is syn-bio and it eventually unbalances. I understand that no one else has put it out there yet.

Those of us who are not like here are out here and we know how to blow your brains out. So, if you are biohacking and using synthetic telepathy, and they think they are going to come up on somebody (and they are doing all this), the more people that know that energy work is very real, the more people that know how to shield, block, shock and shunt…you will watch it.

Your body will automatically overpower their BS by the wattage. It’s the full body effect from a free range human. I know how you are, and you have fields, lydars and all those things. It doesn’t matter. We are faster than you by the metrics and the force and that is always what I have been worried about. I know some people are ignorant and say you will kick my ass.

Do you notice when I say these things, I am not real excited about it? You have never seen someone explode from the inside out before. I get that. You might think it is funny or maybe you saw it in a movie. It is not funny and these people are innocent in a way. They have been told this entire time they are going to save the world and they have a new technology.

They never told them there are people out there like me and they never were told there are people in a level above them. They are made to think that they are the ‘rock stars’ until they sacrifice them to the war.

If I have a friend and they are using wearables and they don’t know what the real story is here, that they are testing on kids like myself, psionic abilities are inherent in the human body, everywhere and every neuron. I am going to go out there and if I love that person, I am going to warn them. I will say that they better know what they are dealing with –people, humans.

Oh, you have everybody controlled? No you don’t .. you will and even then while you do, those of us who are free range do even more damage by the math. This is the problem.

I am anticipatory to see what the military is going to roll out first, whether it’s going to be Klip Klop or the white suit derivatives. I don’t think we are going to see a ‘whole lot of nothing’ except death and in the spring they are going to open up wide. That would be my guess.

In the meantime here on the Psinergy channel it is block, shock and shunt tomorrow morning and the biofield practice in the front room. We have a dojo area out there and that is where I’ll teach everything. I’ll do short swords blade work, meditation, a little bit of yoga swing stuff and different stretches you can do if you don’t’ have a yoga swing.

Hopefully by the time they get closer to their high satanic holiday I will have my back healed and I will show tele-kinetics and where to unlock it in the spinal fluid and then levitate and more. It’s a good way to flex your biofield and a good way to get used to practicing pylo-erection, and that is tele-kinetics within your body tissue.

It’s natural; it’s energy cost/energy use. Is it worth it to levitate and be huffing and puffing afterwards? If you don’t have one of those spinner things, if you are pilo-erecting you will be able to move those. I know people will say they can see it. People, they have biofield viewers, they have wearables, we measure all this stuff.

This is warfare. They have weaponized the biofield and chakras. The sooner you get educated, the better off you are going to be. That is all there is to it. What I showed today at the beginning is your ‘public service announcement so you know who is lying to you.’ and how they are lying. Judge accordingly—it’s just math.

Mark 5: 36. Amen.

Sabrina’ Odysee Channel:

1 (notetaker: go the website,, select free reports, scroll down to the final report, enter your first name and email address to open the report and see the entire presentation with screen shots.)

2 Somatoform disorder where people experience ephysical symptoms in response to pysch9o9g8cao distress

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