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Appendix 218A: Electronic & Net-Centric Warfare, Biomedical Engineering, Wireless Body Area Network, Regenerative Medicine, Human Energy Harvesting, Transhumanism & Civilian Targeting Program (50 Sabrina Wallace Videos w/ references, notes, comments)

Electronic & Net-Centric Warfare, Biomedical Engineering, Wireless Body Area Network, Regenerative Medicine, Human Energy Harvesting, Transhumanism & Civilian Targeting Program (50 Sabrina Wallace Videos w/ references, notes, comments)

Webmaster Introduction: There is much apparently ground-breaking information contained in these 50 podcasts by Sabrina Wallace and in the associated comments, scientific abstracts, figures, diagrams, videos, etc. If the information is correct, as it seems to be, we finally have a thorough technological explanation for the “targeted individual program,” as well as for the Covid jab, SMART cities, AI Precision Health Care, electronic-drone-netcentric warfare, the Internet of Things, Internet of Industrial Things, Internet of Bio-Nanothings, human energy harvesting, etc. Therefore, it is well worth people’s time to watch and study these videos. What Sabrina outlines are provable systems. We can verify and/or falsify the information she presents. It looks to me like her main assertions are verified by scientific data!

While I do not agree with all of Sabrina Wallace’s assertions, I currently consider most of the information she presents to be valid. The gist of her message is represented in the videos posted here. And she continues to expand her open tutorial to those of us who have been deliberately kept in ignorance regarding this system for our entire lives on her psinergy channel (Sabrina’s psinergy channel).

Sabrina claims to be an “augmented” DARPA black projects noninvasive N-2 survivor with “cosmic clearance.” She claims that many members of her family have also been involved in black projects. Sabrina is also an extremely knowledgeable professional computer network engineer. She has a quirky but engaging delivery style. But please try not to get too hung up on Sabrina herself. Rather, our focus should be on assimilating and assessing the information she presents!

Sabrina’s message in a nutshell is that an international consortium including the IEEE (Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers), the UN, the WHO (World Health Organization) and certainly the US government and military claims “full spectrum dominance” ownership of the entire electromagnetic spectrum, from the longest radio waves to the shortest gamma rays! I.e., these megalomaniacs claim ownership of all the energy on the planet! Wallace presents abundant scientific evidence that electromagnetic frequencies (most importantly, radio frequencies (RF) and light/optogenetics/biophotonics)) are routed through our bodies via our WBANs (Wireless Body Area Networks aka “biofield”) and the biosensors within us via the ubiquitous IEEE industrial computer networking system that co-extensive with the Department of Defense’s (DoD’s) Global Information Grid (GIG).

Humans now comprise trackable, hackable energy sources, communications channels, data storage sites, surveillance targets, surveillance equipment, covert weapons, and nodes on the DoD’s GIG network. Through their Sentient World Simulations, the DoD has created digital copies (digital twins) of each of us and tethered both our biological entities and our digital copies to the (Pentagon) cloud. Thus, we are all bio-hacked and tracked and can be and are manipulated at will by military and non-military personnel via this invisible grid of biofrequency weapons, satellites, drones, computers, and computer network operators and their remotes! Military and non-military computer network operators have the ability to play their targets like sims in a video game and target, torture, experiment upon, and/or kill us at will! Meanwhile, the people operating these systems at all levels are working jobs and being paid well!

Wallace supports these and a myriad of additional conclusions with appropriate scientific and military documents, abstracts, and graphics, etc.  

The core problem, and potentially the core solution, according to Wallace, is that “they stole a body part” (our biofields/auras).

Biofield (wiki): Large field of energy comprised of electrons and ions that surrounds and extends out from the body about 8 feet. Not visible but can be felt with the hands, often through pressure or temperature changes.

Biofield (Sabrina Wallace): “It is a body part; it is part of you. Th(is) DNA wave-propagated body part is made of photons that you generate inside of you with your cerebral spinal fluid.”

Of course, we must ask:  Is this all science fact or science fiction?  Is Sabrina offering up a mix of disinformation and information?  Why does Sabrina continually refer to other podcasters like ToreSays, Hope and Tivon, Maria Zee, and Todd Calendar?   Is she a part of a network of IIA (Interactive Internet Activities) perpetrators, per ex-CIA Director, Michael Hayden’s, Clear Force, or ex-General James Jones and Jim Jones’ Dynology disinformation/propaganda clearing houses?   Why do Hope and Tivon parrot what Sabrina says in their podcasts with so much less apparent understanding of what they are talking about?  Is Sabrina controlled?  Is she an augmented Manchurian channeller?   These questions must be raised. I will let others judge.

As a possibly relevant aside, in Brendon O’Connell: The IIA PSYOP (Interactive Internet Activities) How Information is Weaponized, Brendan O’Connell explains:

“Both the old alt-media and Main Stream Media are all controlled by the same NATO and Marine psyche warfare operation run out of private data analytic companies, like Dynology and Clear Force, to name just a few. These work in tandem with private security contractor teams playing crisis actor, larpa, and johnny-on-the-spot witness for critical events… There are vast pools of registered out-of-work actors and gophers recruited in the same vein as a criminal informant for police operations. Many, but not all, of these people are literally registered pedophiles, drug dealers and users for the real dirty jobs….

This is all an expendable work force. Just as the East German Stasi, recruited and maintained its RAT Lines, and a lot of them were literally rats, of street information and gangstalking teams. These are IIA operations as set up in Iraq and Afghanistan, aka military psychological warfare operations….

… We are all part of this system. We are all in the pool they can draw from, puff up, delete, suppress, and use as they wilt when the data analytics indicate short, medium, and long-term requirements for information-limited release, controlled release, or outright suppression and deletion. This is large scale military-intelligence-based psychological warfare designed and applied to the enemies of the United States overseas and now brought home and privatized, but still run by the same military personnel in private subcontractor form.”

That said, I believe that Sabrina is telling the truth and the system she describes IS the Future Warfare system described in NASA’s 2001 power point presentation entitled: “2025: Future Strategic Issues and Future Warfare,” a document to which she refers many times in her videos. (See: Organized Gangstalking/Mind Control Predicted and Justified in New Global War Against Individuals and Groups Called For In “NASA 2025: Future Warfare” (Strategies and Technologies, 2001)).

And since Wallace’s information and insights are potentially so essential to all those being actively targeted and indeed, to everyone in society now, I post these 88 podcasts with related quotes, figures, scientific abstracts, and comments.   People may make up their own minds about the plausibility and veracity of this information. The most important question of all is:  Is this electronic warfare-synthetic biology-cyber-control system now being deployed today?   I think many targeted individuals would agree that it is.

Duh, the real war is constantly being waged by governments against citizens.  Indeed, this system could be the end times beast system foretold in the Bible:

Rev. 13:7: Then the beast was permitted to wage war against the saints and to conquer them, and it was given authority over every tribe and people and tongue and nation.

I personally believe Sabrina’s insights and information have extremely far-reaching importance to all humanity. Who would claim “full spectrum dominance” of the electromagnetic spectrum, i.e., all energy? Just as Sabrina’s information may provide the key, the Rosetta Stone, by which we can understand the technology behind this current bid to exterminate and enslave humanity, the parable of the vineyard and the vinedressers in Mark 12:1-12 may hold the key to identifying who is behind this diabolical operation.

Epigraph Quotes by Sabrina Wallace:

… “On March 20, 2023, the ODNI (Office of the Director of National Intelligence) stated: “There’s no explanation for Havana Syndrome.” That means that there’s no such thing as SynChron and SynBio (these are companies) or synthetic biology as a science, or synthetic telepathy in Elsevier journals- and there are. So the ODNI gets to lie and these people get to die, while these people go to work.”

So all of you at the UFO community who continue to pretend that your’re oh so stupid and innocent, BS. You’re paid opposition. You’ve done a great job… invading people’s houses at all hours of the night. You think you’re OK doing your podcast one day and the next day your lose all your shit and you’re homeless. Hackers too. It’s disgusting. Welcome to the UFO community, where it’s pay for play like everybody else with the sensor hunters.

Dr. Steven Greer (of Disclosure Project) presents information (to Congress) about selecting humans for psi capabilities, called psionics, i.e., illegal projects run for the purpose of communications; most subjects die, taken because of their abilities to communicate with the speed of thought, which is faster than light molecules.

That was in Greer’s interview with Congress….. you let them get away with it because you didn’t tell them about the human physiology involved, the biofield, the aura. And if humans knew that their body part had been stolen, attached to the cloud, and a remote handed to FBI, DHS, whoever paid for it, they’d be pissed. And we’d have a lot less people interested in UFO groups and a lot more interested in how do we slow this down and do something, because this is completely out of control.

They’ve been giving people jobs all along. Walking right through the body. Using math to get it hooked up with basic Python, AI nodes; these wireless sensor networks, wrap them around somebody, it’s biosensors on the inside, outside in, inside out, shake the hell out of them, electrically or otherwise, do whatever you want to them. How is that possible? We lie to people about their body part (biofield), about material physics, about telemetry and RF bands used by the Medical Implant Communications System telemetry by law…. That’s why we’re in this position.

What is the human aura (biofield)? That’s what we use in Information, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance with the electrical homeostasis of the human body so that we can pertebrate and make changes for precision AI health care, the internet of behaviors, the internet of bodies, the internet of things, the industrial internet of things, the internet of medical things, the medical body area network, the wireless body area network, the metropolitan area network, the campus area network, and the ultra-wide band radio frequency communications and optigenetic networks for neuro modulation.

Wow.. You just said it doesn’t exist. Yeah, it doesn’t exist for anybody but us to play with you like a sim in a video game.

Re: the High Accuracy Detection Multi-Domain Sensing System, Dennis Teefy (Projects Director for Sensors Aerial Intelligence), from the Army states in Sept. 14, 2022 magazine: “The goal is to provide deep sensing intelligence collection of indicators, warnings, and electronic order of battle and patterns of life for target development. (High Accuracy Detection Exploitation System (HADES)). The Multi-Domain Sensing System (MDSS) High Accuracy Detection and Exploitation System (HADES) will be GLOBALLY deployable and provide a multi-faceted sensing capability at higher altitudes and longer ranges.” I know what HADES is.

It’s all just electronic warfare. “Pay for play.” We are killing with computer networks. Network killing IS their system.” Sabrina Wallace,

Wireless tissue engineering and the cognitive warfare problem has to do with the Industrial Internet of Things. Because everything you see in the Wireless Body Area Network listing (below), they’ve had the ability to do through your tissue, legally, since 1995. The Medical Body Area Network was mandated in 2014 by your Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to do everything you see here.

Who are these physicians? Your IEEE engineers. Biomedical wireless tissue engineering. Wireless tissue engineering and the cognitive warfare problem has to do with the Industrial Internet of Things. Because everything you see in the Wireless Body Area Network listing (below), they’ve had the ability to do through your tissue, legally, since 1995. The Medical Body Area Network was mandated in 2014 by your Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to do everything you see here.

IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) of biophotonics and cognitive intelligence (points to chart). That’s your C-40 city. What’s it going to do to you? Control you down to the bone marrow. Fed by electromagnetic algorithms and technometrics since the 70s.

It’s all just electronic warfare. “Pay for play.” We are killing with computer networks. Network killing IS their system.”

And you can bet we’ve got the rectenae shit all worked out, that Smith Wheel access between the SMART meter and anyting else because we got AI precision health care worked out with the biosensors, routing data directly through the body. I don’t get it. They put your ass on the cloud and made you accessible through the various levels and layers of literal computer networking the same way we network machines. So somebody went to work and somebody got paid. And then they issued multiple layers of security with different divisions.

Fuck you. You’re not that stupid, you’re just well paid. Biofrequency weapons on a 28-year old technology that the UFO people refuse to talk about. They’re two year olds. They are used to getting away with murder and torture and getting rewarded for it. Because nobody will tell what they do at their jobs. The better they gas light the more they are rewarded.

from: (To the new commenter .. Nov. 8, 2023 and Biosensors , Sensor Hunters and Electronic warfare inside human tissue/C4ISR w/usaf, Cisco control plane for E.B.Es – Engineered Biological Entities – (WBAN) 802.15 IEEE – EXPOSING THE SENSOR HUNTERS! )

The Wireless Working Group, 802.15.5, that’s where your Personal Area Network (PAN) is, and your PAN, with 6G LoPAN, may or may not have a Body Area Network (BAN) for “security routing purposes.” They are routing their data through your tissue- and I quote: “And exchange digital information using the electrical conductivity of the human body as a data network.” So if you are wireless and you’re on the same wireless working group as your phone, 802.1, they’re routing their data through you since 2005. And I can write an app for it and then I can play with you like a sim in a video game. They’re wired in down to your bone marrow. Now, everybody’s wired, since 2005, and available commercially… And the new standard for Cyber Security is the Wide Body Area Network. And the digital ID is made of your bone.

Why? Don’t you want total control of humans and have them on remotes to make them do whatever you want? No free will, no ability to think. “Neuro mitigation” was subtle behavioral modification. You will be allowed to do three things: entertainment applications, gaming, and social networking. Starting to see how the metaverse, electroceuticals, the internet of things, the internet of bodies, the cyber internet of things are all tied together? Inside your bone marrow. This is drone warfare. They hid your (biofield) body part for total human enslavement… In a Cognitive Body Area Network (C-BAN), they use something called Adversarial Neural Networks and they attack you. Because they are watching you think with those C-BANs. Cognitive radar… watching you think in real time. And it shows up on their little tiny ipads. Then they click a button. Now you got a heart attack or a stroke or anything they want.

We are at war… and the military is autonomous and nobody told you (per DoD Directive 3000.09 for Lethal Autonomous Weapons (LAW). Y’all! You’re on the internet with the wireless body area network (WBAN). This is life and death. The AI is fully in control since 2012, according to that DoD directive, and it was implemented in 2017, the same time we got our Cyber-Physical Backbone. We’ve had the Wide Body Area Network (WBAN) since 1995. This is for Project Lockstep.

You have a human body part (your biofield, WBAN) that is targeted in electronic warfare. Electronic warfare exploits the electromagnetic spectrum. These are electrical weapons that have been around, with Boeing, Lockheed, BAE, for 60 years. This is drone warfare.   A lot of people have already died.   And a lot more are going to.

We electrocute people from the inside out and from the outside in.   This is a dual use system of human targeting (for military and medical purposes). Stingray and DRT Box with the police, and lots of different ways that we literally connect into your tissue.

Quoting wikipedia:

Electronic Warfare/Marketshare: The global electronic warfare market space was valued at $22.4 billion in 2022 and is expected to surpass around $36.4 billion by 2032. North America contributed more than $46 of revenue share in 2022.

Network Engineer: A Network engineer is someone who creates and monitors computer networks on behalf of individual clients and organizations. They insure that devices have stable connections and that network data remains secure. The pay scale for network engineers is $62,000 to 73,000 per year.

Sabrina: What do network engineers do? They are in the back end of your precious internet. And how it makes the electrical signal route through the internet and you, wherever you are in the whole world.

Its a dual use system. You’re connected to the internet on something called netcentric warfare. No one told you that your body is electrical. No one told you that your biofield, the human electrical body part, is responsible for the biochemical body part called the digestive system.

We took your human body part (the biofield) and hooked it to the cloud and made it accessible to the basic internet. This is called human-computer interaction.

The reason that you don’t know anything about this body part, is because there are people whose job it is in electronic warfare to monitor you using the same basic wireless technology as your phone. And the way you find that is 802.15.4 (biosensors) and that’s for your personal body area network. They took away your body part and they lied to you.

Reading from Neuro-SWARM³: System-on-a-Nanoparticle for Wireless Recording of Brain Activityin video 41 below:

“NEURO-SWARM-3 uses optical excitation power transfer and signal readout primarily useful as a contrast agent for sensing the electrical field produced by neurons….”

Sabrina Wallace comment: Santa Claus is not here, no religions, no cults. Just a bunch of people in electrical engineering, and neurology, and computer networking, and radio frequency… “Electrical field produced by neurons.” They are well paid, and clearly they are very good at lying by omission.”

You have to believe Raytheon, Northrupp Gruman, Android and even Verizon all work jobs that regard your body as a NODE on a BODY AREA NETWORK. (Wikipedia, IEEE 802.15.6 for WBAN = YOUR wide (wireless) body area network).

They did not offer a new technology. They digitally bound up the human electrical homeostasis known as the biofield, formerly known as the aura, into a series of soft robotics, DNA-analyte biosensors and crafted libraries for database curation and labeling, sold them to Department of Defense vendor companies for years, and continue issuing software to anyone who wishes to utilize it for biological electronic weaponry on the same wireless systems as our cell phones. And they call it “Havanna Syndrome,” “Targeted Individuals,” or just call you crazy and take your property and vocation by assassinating your character OR you – Arkancide style.

They get paychecks for doing all of this every day and until we as individuals start being accountable to our own body parts, there is no way to hold the other humans among us accountable. And their level of violence and hostility is escalating, not abating.

The (Nazi) Vril Maidens were (really) the original testing for routing the internet of things! Like Project Looking Glass, the Vril Maidens were radio frequency testing through the human body.

(So) … One hundred and fifty years ago, they took the human biofield (aura) out of the common vernacular. It got it hidden away over at NASA. They took this away from everybody. And then a bunch of radio frequency people got busy electrically logging in and out of humans and they use the EEG, the MRI, and ultrasound. They put on a little head set and they watch you think, breath, and all the rest in real time. They get to go to work every day on the Internet of Information, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance with the Internet of Behaviors, Bodies, Things, and the Internet of Industrial Things and Medical Things. That’s your biofield, your Wide Body Area Network.

Biomedical engineering, wireless tissue engineering, synthetic biology, and transhumanism. It’s called regenerative medicine. Dr. Michael Levin, Tufts University. A bunch of radio frequency and electrical engineers are now your new doctors.

The Department of Defense sells, on a drop down menu from NIST (National Institute of Science and Technology) or NASA, the ability to log into your veins and arteries (from the first DOD AI Symposium notes, Sept. 10, 2020.) We have an MQ9 Reaper (drone) attached to your DNA. Project MAVEN under the Tradewinds umbrella. We want AI to be in everything that we do with something called Project SALUS. “It is common operational picture watching US Northcom develop AI. So the Jatz and the ABMS for the US Air Force, it’s all autonomous.

The reason that you don’t know that is that they have an ambush plan for the United States.

…So, they took your choice away. They have human body communication as their protocol. So you’ve already been cyborged. And what’s worse, is that with the 802.15.6 (IP address) which is the body, the 802.15.4, which is the sensors, and the 802.15.5, which is their individual networks.. and there’s no more GPS, it’s all satellite from inside of you, an endogenous photonic quantum signal.

I survived as a non-invasive N2 test subject for DARPA…

Do your friends have a remote to your DNA in their purse? It’s only $45,000 a year to remote your loved one, any way they want to since 2015 at least.

The human biofield. What is this electromagnetic field that my heart, my body, and my photons are generating and my DNA is wave propagating out of me? Ah. It doesn’t exist, right? Unless you have a job in computer networking and sensor hunting where you hunt human bodies at the will and the discretion of medical, military and industrial systems. Then the biofield is right there and it’s a body part and it’s a profession called biomedical wireless tissue engineering.

The men that have been getting away with this are not men. I promise you that. They’ve been playing video games life long.   It became a profession. And those same little nerds have an app for people and it is running wild. Government off the shelf, commercial off the shelf, all because you lied about a human anatomical component that everybody has.”

Mark 5:36 Amen.


(and Psinergy Intro Class on the Human Biofield)

Webmaster Introduction:

I’m not sure if people are grasping the importance of Sabrina Wallace’s information. The information she began presenting in video podcasts about one and half years ago and which she is still presenting is consistent with and helps to explain a whole raft of hitherto unexplained or inadequately understood phenomena, including the TI (Targeted Individual) program. If you are Christian, you might even conclude that THIS SYSTEM is the real BEAST SYSTEM of scripture. If you aren’t a believer, that’s still a pretty good name for the system. Here are some of the capabilities of this system, which has been evolving over many decades:

1) Remote covert transhumanism; the creation of cyborgs/bio-robot slaves/Manchurian candidates/sex slaves per the original 1952 memo-mandate for CIA’s Project Bluebird, MKULTRA and MONARCH.
2) Life extension technologies, electromagnetic tissue healing and genetic alterations via CRISPR-Cas-9. Now the elite can live forever and everyone else can be “offed” or “cyborged,” as desired.
3) Precision AI-driven Health Care, a cover for the above two operations as well as many others.
4) Electronic/Information/Cognitive/Netcentric/Mosaic Warfare operations. (Thank you Joint Chiefs of Staff and DOD for torturing your own citizens and soldiers via Project MAVEN, Project SALUS, Project Pegasus, and other “Peacetime Operations.”)
5) Telecommunications industry, police, Sheriffs, military, black ops, para-military, civilian groups, Silicon Valley, etc. carry out these (network killing) operations.
6) Bill Gates’ diabolical 060606 crypto-currency to body activity patent of 2020.
7) WEF’s (World Economic Forum’s) “under the skin surveillance” using biosensors, intra-body nano-network, EM frequencies and WBAN, and drones and cube satellites. This is HOW they do it.
8) Mik Anderson and La Quinta Columna’s graphene- and Radio Frequency -supported Intra-body nano-network. The same principle is used in geoengineering and weather warfare: First, add electrically conductive nano-materials into the system (be it human or atmospheric), then second, zap with electromagnetic radiation/frequencies. Now you get to CONTROL the systems.
9) Operation/Project SALUS: Drones watch everyone think and everyone’s cells phase and phage states in real time with DoD’s Cognitive Technology Threat Warning System (C2TWS). Project SALUS is watching your biosensors and YOU from the inside out using your body area network (WBAN). Project SALUS has been around since 1969.
10) The real purpose of the COVID jab (and the creation of COV-BAN) is to get more meta materials such as graphene in the body for greater electronic WBAN throughput. (Again, see La Quinta Columna’s work and that of Mik Anderson on graphene, self-assembling nano-technology, and intra-body nano-networks.)
11) THE TI PROGRAM involves all of the above and much more. Please study Sabrina’s videos!
12) OPERATION CRESTONE/BACA New Age-Interfaith Religious cum mind/behavioral control experiment in Crestone/Baca, Colorado from the 1980s to present.

I do not see any possible reason other than genuine altruism that Sabrina would be trying to educate the public about these technologies. I.e., I believe her. If we can help people to understand the science behind these technologies and connections, Sabrina Wallace’s information may provide a huge breakthrough. This is apparently the tip of a much larger iceberg that has to do with creation of a transhuman/posthuman world. Most of humanity and indeed all the biosphere could be wiped out and changed to silicon-based EBE’s (engineered biological entities) with these technologies. It would appear that this is the way that Satan and his minions want to wrest control of and re-engineer God’s creation, including the crown of his creation, humans. The Hebrew word “Tikkun Olam” expresses this goal of “re-invention of the world.” That’s what’s happening.

Caveat: In video 28 below (Sabrina/Psinergy: Engine Room 3 – hyperspace math, n sphere and augmentation exponents October 3, 2023), it seems to be that Sabrina Wallace may have overplayed her hand. Her theory about what’s coming in the next decades is impossible for me to believe.

1. The Truth about WBAN on a 6gloPAN and Your Electromagnetic Body Part (Technical Presentation) Sept. 6, 2022

other versions of this video:

Technical Presentation: WBAN on a 6gloPAN and your electromagnetic body part

Show notes by Sabrina Wallace:

This presentation is for folks who do not understand how their body has already been made commercially available to the cloud since 2005. IEEE is the International standards for Electronics and Electrical Engineering. You will find your body on the web and commercially accessible via the same wireless working groups for all wireless devices. How did it happen? How can you gain access to the biosensors that are magnetically routing the data instead of your lunch in your red blood cells? (folks, this one is for you and while it is not my a game, i give myself a b and if you want me to include anything please let me know. I am currently working on signs for the literal math from a to b so people can understand energy harvesting.)

Partial Transcription of video

“Special Access Projects (Black Projects) at National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) for the government. The NIST hires these poor people to have a stack like this. They have to plug in five codes to hide where are all the money goes, and their resource allocation, and the logistics, and the shipping, and then the reallocation of special access projects people, and the reallocation of whoever is in charge of guarding them, tracking them, tracing them, or the Dept. of Defense kill list for special access projects modification. And it’s all open source and you can look it up on Google.

What are these biosensors? What is the MQ9 Reaper done tethered to my DNA? What is going on? And by the way, DOD, who are your customers?”

Back to Cyber Security. Artificial Intelligence first symposium (Sept. 10, 2020). Digital nervous systems end to end. They told them all: Get these humans out of the process. Using data science. AI. Machined interface into these quantum data bases. Menninger Foundation.

The new 6G Personal Area Network is going to use your body to route the data. This was done in 2005. This is what the wireless sensor network is. The biosensors (inside you) are physically permanent and lifetime since 2005 (at 802.15.4).

The International Standards for Electronics and Electronical Engineering (IEEE) uses a Wide Body Area Network (WBAN) at 802.15.6 electronic standards for wireless working group WBAN, and this is what they can do through your body. They can make your hands move, they monitor your muscle tissue density, they can make you talk. They monitor all these things wirelessly. How is that possible?

With the new Cyber Security with the striker and she has to be machine-to-machine. The problem is that “autonomy” is an MQ9 Reaper (drone) tethered to your DNA. And that DNA generates an electromagnetic body part. And nobody knows about that. They call it the “aura,” they call it all sorts of things. Skunk Works, Raytheon, Lockheed, they are vendors. People go to work for 40+ years and get paid really, really well to keep you in the dark. Cyber Security? No. Try National Security.

What’s all this stuff about psychics? They are called, “psionics” which are inherent in human tissue. A 1996 book called Integral Psychology by Ken Wilber, and inside it says that telepathy, empathy, precognition, all of it, is assigned to certain areas of the brain and so are those sensor networks down to the nanoscale. Then they put it on a propriety software when they have to write for Zigbee and Bluetooth, for those permanent, life-long biosensors (802.15.4). They are permanently affixed to your body.

Where? There are two radio frequency (RF) sinks in your body at the heart and the stomach that pull all the electromagnetic (EM) energy, including the potentiation of minerals out of your biochemical bloodstream and transduce (change energy form) them, because your electromagnetic field (the biofield) that you thought was worthless and didn’t exist, it actually transduces (converts energy from one form to another) anything electromagnetically.

We use software-defined radio and synthetic telepathy just to agitate your skin a little and electromagnetically transduce, in and out, using your own body part (biofield).

So how do you think they route computer data? The same way. The biosensors are literal magnets. They are fixed and adjusted with voltage. How? The wireless working group, 802.15.5, and that’s where your personal area network (PAN) is. And your PAN the 6G Lopan, may or may not have a BAN for security routing purposes. They are routing their data through your tissue. We don’t need a brain chip because we are wireless. Chinese medicine, the meridians, the chakras, these are nodal points on your body… electromagnetic telemetry.

So the permanent biosensors were rolled out to everybody (802.15.4) and they had to be permanent for Zigbee and Bluetooth. And the wireless working group, 802.15.5, takes care of all the different kinds of networks, then collects certain sensors from only certain bodies, open shortest path first routing protocols for security purposes. They have to select muscle tissue type since 2008. They have to select heat so you don’t swell to death. Now they have about 13 different routing protocols but only about 3 of them are built to protect from the information you incur by routing data through the body which pulls minerals from your red blood cells to do so, which are in minute levels so you don’t notice until too many companies are pulling on those statistics, mathematically, at the same time. .

These two RF sinks each have 5 nodes (labelled N1, N2, N3, N4, N5). All are electromagnetically accessible through the cloud, commercially, with Zigbee and Bluetooth (IEEE 802.15.4). These sensor networks are all driven by artificial intelligence data bases and they are all interlocked. So if you are wireless and you are on the same wireless working group as your phone (IEEE 802.1) so in a wide personal area network, they are routing their data through you since 2005, and I can write an app for it, and then I can play with you like a sim.

They have something called B2B (Brain to Brain) interface, synthetic telepathy, and it’s frequency driven peer to peer.

They are wired into your bone marrow. And the way that 6G works. When they do actual testing, this is wireless tissue engineering, wireless total piezoelectric control, and neural mitigation for behavioral modulation (i.e., deliberate infliction of brain damage in subtle areas of the brain to keep your behavior under control). Then we send you to people who tell you that cognitive behavioral therapy will help you.

Once your body can no longer transduce these EM signals, because this is unnatural, it’s too much power in the blood stream and the bone, and your vascular system is radically expanding and contracting, eventually it weakens the veins, the arteries, the skin, and then you’re in trouble.

So nobody told the truth. Stingray and law enforcement was all wrapped up (in this) in 1972. I was used by the police chief with my machine-body interface, with nano-lipid or hydrogel so they could show it on a monitor. That’s what those scars are. Since 2005, everyone is wired and available commercially. The new standard for Cyber Security is a wide body area network and may or may not be involved in your personal body area network. Digital ID routing, and the Digital ID is made of your bone.

Why? Don’t you want total control of humans and have them on remotes to make them do whatever you want? No free will. No ability to think. I told you, neuro-mitigation is subtle. Behavior modification.

Starting to see how the metaverse, electroceuticals, the internet of things, the internet of bodies, the cyber internet of things are all tied together inside your bone marrow? This is drone warfare. They hid your body part (biofield) for total human enslavement. And they have it. It’s all done. Completely wireless, satellite inclusive. So if that MQ9 Reaper drone chooses your DNA, with Project Maven, …

In a cognitive body area network (C-BANS), they use something called an Adversarial Neural Network and they attack you because they are watching you think with those C-BANS, cognitive for cognitive radar, watching you think in real time. And they push a button and you got a heart attack or a stroke, or anything they want. Any phase or phage state, it’s all available to them.

(As for) the people who are complicit in all this stuff that’s really evil. About 2/3 of this country is involved.

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Never argue with an idiot
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I am sick of people asking: where is proof?
A lot of people is just lazy as FCK and expect everything will be given to them on a golden platter!
This channel is created to give info about certain topics
Do your own research in the particular matter you are interested in!

You can bring horse to water but you cant make him drink!

Where is proof?

QUESTION: Why I Do What I Do?
1.Read this comment section
2.Watch and listen – content of video will explain everything

I challenge you to watch it without any emotions
Its worth to mention that ‘our ELITES’ are highly involved in this particular behavior

Respect each other
If you are going to leave comment you should watch

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COVID-Combination Of Vaccination and IDentification

It is easier to deceive people than to convince them they have been deceived!

James Bullard – Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis President
“Planned,organized,partial shut down of US economy during 2nd quarter of 2019”
We know the PLANdemic was introduced and imposed not only in the USA
How did they know there will be pandemic?

Thats why its called PLANdemic

To understand what is going on,we need go back to basics
GovernMent from Greek and Latin (combined) consisted of 2 parts:
Govern/Kuberna (Greek) means to rule/to guide
Ment (Latin mente) means mind/thought
Connecting those 2 words means TO RULE/GUIDE YOUR MIND/THOUGHT

To understand what is going on we need get back to basics again: Anarchy original definition
Not changed and adjusted by the global agenda narrative by adding for example connections with Marxism which is BS
In ancient Greece the chief magistrate in various Greek city states was called Archon (ruler)
An Archon (Greek) – WITHOUT ruler

True anarchist means to be individual who does not want to be ruled by anyone – thats all
If someone call himself as an anarchist but he riots and burns…
He does not know what anarchy stands for and he is using this phrase to his own gain
It’s obvious that media changed the definition of the word anarchist
Today,by mainstream media,anarchist is called the person who burns,destroys,riot
Thats the Incendiary and Rioter-basic definition again
BLM are NOT anarchists!

Patrice Cullors Co-Founder:’We are TRAINED Marxists/Communists’

They were/are paid Rioters who burn and destroy
How they are used & for what reason

What they get for their actions

File size405.01 MB

Doctor: if You Are Suffering from Ringing Ears, Do This Immediately!


The truth is stranger than fiction

Do you even understand basic definitions of the words she is using?
Do you have knowledge related to the IT?

She talked so fast and then with all that technical info, I couldn’t really follow her. She said nothing about the vaccines involved in this.

I think its obvious.
She is going deeper than the vaxx…
She mentioned once or twice about vaxx in her different videos.

Hi, In about 2018 aware the statistical number of negative events happening to me didnt add up and then 2019 my daughter began to experience V2K/VOIP brain to computer interface torture. Today as a relatively under educated lady have began to learn cyber security OSINT tools per the internet. I have found my entire family 60-10 on the OFAC watchlist. At all times Im connected to an employee at DHS home in VA and in turn he routes directly to China Softbank and the DOD . Through progressive research and learning putting together We are on a Hijacked ASN 20115 Charter Communications using WBAN digital data signal bioinformatic research experimentation torture trafficking NSA SHA1 hash function cryptography coding a hidden global economy. Coincidently I was raised in WI now live across the bridge in Duluth Mn. My married name is Davis . My father who may have very well handed us over in the Korean war Intelligence brigade. My sister died age 33 in 1994 last time I saw her in the late eighties she was hitting her head because of hearing voices. I had no idea about such things until now. Im grateful to have found you . Im binge watching you and repeatedly if necessary . Your helping me understand everything so much more. Im on Twitter at Lisakjunker if you would like to see some of my documentation journey through a progression of knowledge and learning. Thank you so very much Blessings , Lisa Davis Duluth Minnesota

integral psychology

kinda bears a resemblance to Anne Hathaway, does it not?

Yes a bit 🙂

2. Biosensors, Sensor Hunters and Electronic warfare inside human tissue/C4ISR w/usaf, Cisco control plane for E.B.Es – Engineered Biological Entities – (WBAN) 802.15 IEEE – EXPOSING THE SENSOR HUNTERS!

Follow Sabrina Wallace Psinergy channel:
Performance Evaluation of Magnetic Resonance Coupling Method for Intra-Body Network (IBNet) – IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering (TBME)
what is a cyber kill chain
6th generation cognitive radio network ieee
human body communication
human bonding communication
human biofield
human biofield ieee
human body communications generic classifications and enablers ieee
wireless body area network ieee
khop body routing ieee
biosenseors body area network ieee
industrial cyber phisical system: a backbone for the fourth industrial revolution ieee – Google Search
global information grid dod
human digital twin ieee
NTT proposes the “Digital Twin Computing Initiative” – a platform to combine high-precision digital information reflecting the real world to synthesize diverse virtual worlds, generate novel services and bring about society of the future
Drone kill communications net illustrated
net centric warfare
kill box dod
overview of human kenetic energy harvesting ieee
recent progress in human body energy harvesting for smart bioelectronic system ieee
sensor mosa
energy harvesting for assistive and mobile applications ieee
802.15.4 ieee (Sensors)
Re: 802.15.5 ieee (wireless Body network)
Re: 802.15.6 ieee (Body Area Network)
intra wban communication ieee
thermal dinamic routing ieee
bielectric code
bielectric code – (VIDEOS)
body area network Wikipedia


11 weeks ago

Is there any protection from any of these things you’re explaining? I live in the middle of the country in upstate New York. Canceled internet service and cable service. Only use a cell phone but still don’t feel right most the time.
11 weeks ago

I’m sure none of this impresses God.
11 weeks ago

I heard there’s alien DNA in the Covid shots. Also, they put the Covid shots into last year’s and this year’s flu shots!
11 weeks ago

Is this only for people who have taken the Covid shots?
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11 weeks ago

James Rink is looking very sick lately. Like he’s on drugs.
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11 weeks ago

This lady needs to work on her delivery

3. Sabrina/Psinergy: Emergency Alert System routing metrics from your cable company to you

In this short presentation I am explaining how our EAS routes from where the physical equipment is to you, whereever you may be and with what you may or may not have with you (cell phone, ipad, laptop etc.). My sincere hope in delivering the data in this manner is that people can source the hard routing diagrams, outputs on the equipment and help people understand how we are utilizing mesh networking and DAA or Distributed Access Architecture to achieve the body area network cyber physical connectivity.

Thank you for your time and going forward I have a more simple map to blend into my signage, but it’s mission critical that folks who do understand computer networking can help others comprehend that we are not sourcing your phone directly nor are we relying on your use of any external body control unit. We can utilize a BCU as a bootstrap or to hold data, but the WSN Wireless sensor networks (802.15.5) are the primary tool in use to expedite specialized routes by multiple protocols and access vectors.”

“Cable operators need to transform their infrastructures to meet the new services, features, and capacity demands of the marketplace. The Distributed Access Architecture (DAA), which will enable them to modernize their infrastructures, will require them to fundamentally modernize the analog network that has connected their headends and hubs to the access network. The new network is called a Converged Interconnect Network (CIN) and should ultimately be a digital, IP routed network that will connect the headends and data centers to the access network.”

EASyCAST EAS Encoder/Decoder. Hardware Installation Manual


E.O. 13407





EMF Protection Products:

QEG Clean Energy Academy:

Forbidden Tech Book:

4. Psinergy Channel pdf by Sabrina Wallace:

(WBAN) Slow Psinergy PDF overview – PDF In The Description

5. Psinergy tech metric pdf and pentagon directive 3000.09 How You Are Conected Controlled

Follow Sabrina Wallace Psinergy channel:
Telegram P.D.F. D.L.:
Psinergy PDF:
Ian F. Akyildiz ITU Profile:…

wban and mban

eventually you will be forced to admit those technologies and biophotonics will follow it due to the smart cities and how they are already running with telemedicine and other kinds of health apis.


so sis where do we start on telegram. having trouble. sometimes can piloerect sometime can’t. and seems my pain is what gets in the way. working my way off my pain medicine also. don’t want any of their systemss

bless you sis !

Emerging Military Applications of Free Space Optical Communication Technology

Abstract. Free Space Optical Communication (FSOC) technology, designed to operate through free space as medium is rapidly emerging as reliable, fast & secure alternative for broadband communication. It is being researched & investigated for applications and technical utilities in both civil & military domain systems owing to its immense benefits including high security, better data rates & fast installations, no requirement of licensed spectrum, best costs & simplicity of design as compared to contemporary Radio Frequency (RF) systems.

FSOC networks once established are difficult to detect & intercept in view of small divergence of the laser beams. This paper reviews the FSOC technology and presents features based merits as well as unmatched advantages & associated major applications in various fields collating them into a single reference point for future research. Efforts have also been invested to present a review of FSOC’s limitations & innovative emerging mitigation techniques which can prove to be a one stop feeder & a launch pad for future research in FSOC domain.

A literature survey has been undertaken of available FSOC related military applications to review & gather relevant inputs to throw light on emerging trends in military applications including recent experiments & researched areas pertaining to laser systems & weapons, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), under sea usages, terrestrial applications, aerial, naval ships/shore based applications & RF/ hybrid systems. It has been endeavored to shed light on findings & developments in these classified military domains to generate inputs for future work in this domain. Finally, a future technical roadmap and a way ahead & suggestions have been coined up pointing towards required impetus & focus areas in FSOC research domain.


Intelligent Reflecting Surface-Assisted Free Space Optical Quantum Communications
OCT 2023

“This paper studies intelligent reflecting surface (IRS)-assisted free space optical (FSO) quantum communication systems. An IRS can relax the requirement of a line-of-sight (LoS) link between Alice and Bob for FSO quantum key distribution (QKD) applications. The IRS focuses the laser beam toward Bob by introducing a phase shift to the incoming incident beam from Alice.”


Many nanotransducer-based neuromodulation techniques have been developed recently, including sono-optogenetics enabled by mechanoluminescent nanoparticles and semiconducting polymer nanoparticles-mediated photoelectrical neuromodulation. Nanotransducers have demonstrated their clinical potentials, such as Au nanorods for restoring light sensitivity and alleviating ventricular arrhythmias.

This review provides the current state of the art for nanotransducer-enabled neuromodulation and discusses the latest major advances and debates in using nanotransducers to modulateandinterfacewiththe nervous system. Future directions include a better understanding of nanomaterials-brain interface and development of the next generation of nanotransducers with sensing ability to bidirectionally communicate with local environment.


Executive Summary

A DoD Biotechnologies for Health and Human Performance Council (BHPC; Alexandria, VA) study group surveyed a wide range of current and emerging technologies relevant to assisting and augmenting human performance in many domains. The team used this information to develop a series of vignettes as case studies for discussion and analysis including feasibility; military application; and ethical, legal, and social implication (ELSI) considerations. Ultimately, the team selected four vignettes as being technically feasible by 2050 or earlier. The following vignettes are relevant to military needs and offer capabilities beyond current military systems:
 ocular enhancements to imaging, sight, and situational awareness;
 restoration and programmed muscular control through an optogenetic bodysuit
sensor web;
 auditory enhancement for communication and protection; and
 direct neural enhancement of the human brain for two-way data transfer.



“The most dramatic applications of fluorescent sensor pro­teins come from the GCaMP family of Ca2þ indicators (Fig. 2 B).

The concentration of this ion blips upward every time a neuron fires.

Expression of GCaMP-based reporters in the brains of worms, flies, fish, and mice has led to spec­tacular movies of the coordinated activation patterns of thousands of neurons.

6. Appealing to the old sparkys – Malone,McCullough, ADAMS , Ruby, JONES, PETERS,ZEEE…. – 802.15.6-.5.-4. IEEE – Are We Being Truthful?‽? – WHY AREN’T ANY OF YOU TALKING ABOUT IT???

Webmaster comment: Sabrina’s message specifically to targeted individuals occurs at about 11 minutes into the video!

Follow Sabrina Wallace Psinergy channel:

Department of Defense Global Information Grid Architectural Vision

by DD Enterprise · 2007 · Cited by 2 — The GIG Architecture is described through a set of artifacts,%2520June%252007.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwi-6enz9NCAAxWwjokEHaHqCQ0QFnoECBIQAQ&usg=AOvVaw1I_1vT1ciT9xOP0saiiNcE

Global Information Grid

Since 1995: IEEE 802.15 is a working group of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) IEEE 802 standards committee which specifies Wireless Specialty Networks (WSN) standards. The working group was formerly known as Working Group for Wireless Personal Area Networks.

The number of Task Groups in IEEE 802.15 varies based on the number of active projects. The current list of active projects can be found on the IEEE

What are the ISM Bands, and What Are They Used For?

Analysis of the performance of IEEE 802.15.4 for medical sensor body area


What is MICS (Medical Implant Communication System)?

Nov 4, 2019 — MICS or Medical Implant Communication System is a short-range communication technology which is used for transmitting data to medical

A human microchip implant is any electronic device implanted subcutaneously (subdermally) usually via an injection

Electronic Warfare Associates Salaries

Biofield Therapies

Jun 12, 2019 — The biofield is a large field of energy that surrounds and extends out from the body about 8 feet. No part of the energy system

Between heaven and earth : a guide to Chinese medicine

Cognitive Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Aided Human Bond Communication 6G

An Occupancy Information Grid Model for Path Planning of Intelligent Robots

Wearable artificial intelligence biosensor networks

Internet of things (IoT) in nano-integrated wearable biosensor devices for healthcare applications

Grid-enabled biosensor networks for pervasive healthcare

A Study on the Future of DNA Biosensors as Disease Detectors

Recent Advances in DNA Biosensors

Optical Fiber DNA Biosensor With Temperature Monitoring Based on Double Microcavities Fabry–Perot Interference and Vernier Combined Effect

DNA Biosensor Applications for Poly-Silicon Nanowire Field-Effect


And so much more IEEE research:


Brain and Language Lab


The Mind on Music

Could human organs join networks?

Ongoing research explores biologically-based communication networks and electronics that could directly connect to human tissues.

The network is like a human body

Making the ‘human-body Internet’ more effective

Human body communication can make data networks radically safer

Scientists Design a Network That Lives Inside Your Body

Design a Network That Lives Inside Your Body


social and philosophical movement

Transhumanism Wikipedia

Biomedical engineering

Tissue engineering

Wireless engineering

Bio-MEMS is an abbreviation for biomedical (or biological) microelectromechanical systems

3D bioprinting


Electroceuticals are broadly defined as medical devices that provide neurostimulation for therapy, but it is often used as a term to reference ultra-miniature and/or injectable implants.

Electroceutical therapies using electronic devices for stimulating and recording activity in the nervous system,miniature%20and%2For%20injectable%20implants.


Wireless Drugging:

The Structural Design of a Magnetic Driven Wireless Capsule Robot for Drug Delivery



medical industrial scientific medical band

(GO LOOK FOR YOURSELF) artificial intelligence conferences 2023 usa

artificial intelligence conferences 2023 usa nasa

pentagon artificial intelligence symposium 2020 usa

General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper


project maven umbrella

Project Salus

Predictive analytics and data visualizations for COVID-19 related supply chain management and risk mitigation.


human interaction emerging technologies and future systems V

DoD Directive 3000.09, “Autonomy in Weapon Systems,” January 25, 2023

Jan 25, 2023 — Establishes guidelines designed to minimize the probability and consequences



quasi static communication

wirelessly ajust cells and tissue

human body communication

medical implant communications system to human body communication

What is Ubiquitous Computing (Pervasive Computing)?

digi id 2009


11 weeks ago

I like it when she stops talking and looks at the camera for a second like yeah, I don’t give a shit, you know I’m right. Try me. 😂
She’s a trip.
11 weeks ago

Well I’m 60 and never owned a cell phone and I still spin my vinyl , I guess I’m old school
11 weeks ago

She & Karen Kingston talking would be mind blowing. The realisation that BAN/MICS /slaughter bots/Rfid /bio-sensor mining ect links exactly to patent 060606. Id love for this all to not be true but unfortunately facts/evidence are unquestionable. God speed 🙏
11 weeks ago

so I am very intelligent listening to this made me feel like im in 6th grade. would appreciate if she could slow it down. bring us newbies up to speed.
11 weeks ago

They’re All Liars, Because The Earth Is Flat. There Are No “Satellites”. 😆💥🤡🌏

11 weeks ago

according to world population being reduced by 80% by 2025. Isn’t 80% of the population jabbed?

11 weeks ago

so, does anyone ever get answers to qs on this platform. i need to know, without the sarcasm, what the implanted device that supports MICS is implanted is, anx how it was implanted or are we saying the aura has been hijacked to be the device. and what proof can be shown. i think thats reasonable.

11 weeks ago

one more…. I love this….. “The Biofield is a Body Part”. I’m having that made into a T-shirt.

11 weeks ago

This woman connects a lot of dots if you look at recent history!! Wow All praise and glory to Yeshua

11 weeks ago

P.A.N , personal area network also a part human part goat who is known for its unending sexuality and is often pictured with an erection

11 weeks ago

I want to know about the Faraday cage. Wearable protective clothing that interferes with the EMF, the fabric, and any shielding that you can see the signal is lost. What areas are left, or you can get to so you can regenerate your health and immune system.

11 weeks ago

your soul is very powerful, invisible fields not visible particles, fields manifest particle matter not other way around. The ether. Why do people think nwo occult still require your consent / contract whether express or tacit and perform every trick in book to achieve it? 🙄 Revelation of the method or earlier externalization of the hierarchy term, dogma of the ancient masonic priest class tasked covertly to create the soul [ka] contract w/ people, convert them as contracted property slaves. Contract makes the LAW….
Many peoples souls together in harmony / resonance way more powerful, the masonic demons know this, why their evil motto contains the word ‘chaos’. All names cited are verifiable grifter ‘Limited Hangout’ show barker enemies, to usher in the masonic New Age, the ‘Age of Aquarius’, the water bearer. Noticed Ruby waves her ‘cups’ every vid? Masonic heka.
Research truly what an atom is, where did name atom originate? What is a fractal be wise research for those claiming its the jesuits lol What did Emoto discover, how much structured h2o in man, who is Rosalind Franklin and are Watson & Crick verifiable frauds? What is Liquid Crystalline and what is magnetic field coherence?
Thet cannot harvest your soul unless you consent, tacit from ignorance / silence in law qualifies as contracted.
Word ‘quantum’ verifiable gibberish, nonsense, meaningless, another masonic heka cast spell.

10 weeks ago

Thank you Sabrina. We are watching, listening and learning. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the same one who ripped a hole in the dimensions and saved us from the targeting, we say thank you and God bless you for what you are doing for God. -Hope and Tivon

11 weeks ago

wearing occultist Bowie TShirt. That is an observation not a criticism

11 weeks ago

how do we follow her? where do we follow her?? names, alias, E. adress everything please provide.. thanks

7. Sabrina/Psinergy: Galvanic Energy inside you is faster – no wires required August 22, 2023

Sabrina/Psinergy: Galvanic Energy inside you is faster – no wires required August 22, 2023

“This is the four video series about page 1 in the psinergy pdf. I show the biofield on the NIH in 2015.

I will be rewriting the pdf to include this data with a variant articulation to separate, via the sentence structure, the history of wireless measuring electrical signals from muscle tissue with 1877 instead of 1924.

Thank you for the query – it gave me a chance to go back over some things I have not read over in a while to the psinergists – bc a lot of this telephony and wireless i discovered from a high school year book in my home in Milwaukee, WI in 2004.

Liberace went to school with his older sister Anglika and the lady’s house we lived in had all of her old books including her high school year book where her love of music and literature translated into excitement over the ‘new radio’ in 1933 in west allis milwaukee. So reading all of this aloud this evening is not new. This is what I mean when I thunder out the phrase ‘attaching your ass to the cloud in 1922’

Bc 1922 was the year that Einstein won the award and everyone took away knowledge of wireless anything.

Tesla went broke. Edison got rich.
Marconi was excellent at taking the money with his mouth shut.

Where did the wireless go? Military industrial shut up and lie about physics and biology complex with electrical engineers writing the code for our body electric and wirelessly fucking with our muscle tissue as JOBS and ongoing R&D.

Why didn’t they tell?

I don’t think there is an awakening. I think we are stuck enduring their war – it’s evident they are land grabbing and jockeying for dominance; so those of us stuck in the middle have our faith, our body part and our perseverance for our children and family members, four legged inclusive; or finned for our home:


The whole thing about Americans do not read is mentioned in 1911 or 1908 btw. Oh look what did not change ..

Thanks allo commenter – this was worth it.

/~s Sabrina Wallace”

The current Psinergy PDF

8. What is WIRELESS tissue engineering?

What is WIRELESS tissue engineering?

This is an example of some of the technical documents I go over for folks who are unaware of the industries involved in energy harvesting for the new 6glopan or biophotonics. and search Psinergy. Mark 5:36, Amen.


Holy crap. HOLY. CRAP.

What a brilliant business model.
Invisibly wreck humanity’s organs forever at the nano level.
Sell harvested/grown organs back to them.

With the bonus of designed obscolescence thrown in.
Bonus for them. Not us.

Is this why they wanted NO lead paint in our homes so that that can biohack us whenever they want? Bc lead paint prevents radiation and this bio hacking.

Thank you for your work

Ok. So, question: These biofield changes are implemented via a vaccine route? I’m not just talking about Covid vaccines. I’m talking about any other vaccine as well. If this is not the deployment method, then is it implemented in some other way i.e. electromagnetic fields? Or do we have to have the nanoparticles within our bodies via a vaccine deployment route and then the electromagnetic fields are used to change the nanoparticles remotely? I’m sorry to ask so much. I’m just trying to understand.

It’s our biofuels, or tordal field. Our aura our energy. Has Graphene been injected into us prior to this jibby jab? I think so


9. Sabrina/Psinergy August 8, 2023

Sabrina/Psinergy August 8, 2023

Sabrina/Psinergy: HemiSync History, New World Order, Illuminati.

10. Sabrina/Psinergy: Remote neural monitoring September 21, 2023

Sabrina/Psinergy: Remote neural monitoring

11. Sabrina Wallace: Psinergy Overview

12. Thz networks IN the body Oct. 26, 2023

Thz networks IN the body

I wanted to ensure this particular paper gets to those showing what you are seeing in the blood along with the cisco digital network architecture (cisco dna) bc that means we are able to ad hoc toss those mesh networks up and down and we are while utilizing the weaponized air molecules of ubiquitous computing. it is very important the real researchers have this paper to support their evidence. the layout upon the body utilizing the smart dust, formerly thought of as a skin fungus is critical bc the nano works in both directions, from the inside out and the outside in utilizing nothing more than you, the speed of your bloodstream and talking to itself by stealing nutrients from your blood.

they are making sure this gets in everyone with genetic algorithims in tow, as i described last year.

Conclusion of Academic paper, Toward Location-Aware In-Body Terahertz Nanonetworks with Energy Harvesting, by F. Lemic, et. al., 2022:

PREPRINT 1 Toward Location-aware In-body Terahertz Nanonetworks with Energy Harvesting, F. Lemic, et al., 2022

“We have outlined an architecture for in-body THz-operating-energy-harvesting nanonetworks. This has been done with goals of enabling localization of the passively-flowing and energy-harvesting nanonodes and their two-way communication with the outside world.”

ABSTRACT of above paper:

Nanoscale wireless networks are expected to revolutionize a variety of domains, with significant advances conceivable in in-body healthcare. These nanonetworks will consist of energy-harvesting nanodevices passively flowing through the bloodstream, taking actions at certain locations, and communicating results to a more powerful Body Area Network (BAN). Assuming such a setup and electro-magnetic nanocommunication in the Terahertz (THz) frequencies, we propose a network architecture that can support fine-grained localization of the energy-harvesting in-body nanonodes, as well as their two-way communication with the outside world. The main novelties of our proposal lie in the utilization of location-aware and Wake-up Radio (WuR)-based wireless nanocommunication paradigms, as well as Software-Defined Metamaterials (SDMs), for supporting the envisioned functionalities in THz-operating energy-harvesting in-body nanonetworks. We argue that, on a high level, the proposed architecture can handle a large number of nanonodes, while simultaneously dealing with a short range of THz in-body propagation and highly constrained nanonodes.

Cisco DNA Center


Sabrina Wallace
File size614.33 MB


You’re so right-It is frightening, disgusting and outrageous: a dystopian nightmare. But I prefer knowing to staying ignorant and cannot thank you enough Sabrina for your hours and hours of work to not just shed Light on this horror but to have the patience to go through the proof so meticulously for folks like me who are not technically inclined. I was kicked out of my highschool calculus class for asking too many questions Lol! The type of math that draws me in is Sacred Geometry and Cymatics. Because of you I am learning…even though the details are way over my head…but I get the bottom line and I have felt my faith strengthen too which is a huge plus.

You are brilliant in many ways and I am grateful that I found this channel. While it does make me very very mad and sad…I am also moved by all the other folks who comment/share/contibute here. Instead of my typical default state of despair; I’m getting better at choosing to focus on inner work, prayer, grounding and deep listening to that still small voice of Great Spirit.
God Bless you and All Our Relations~Aho

[:folded_hands:] [:rainbow:] [:revolving_hearts:]


i think dr ana got a diferent study on sensor disease posted 23hrs ago. I dropped a link to this post. here is hers

No sir, that is the SAME study on page 1 of our psinergy tech metric pdf BUT God bless Dr Ana for showing most of the article with proper images – we only show 3 paragraphs in our tech pdf in order to save pages and show multiple studies under 15 pages of printed material – same study – GOD BLESS YOU TO TODD CALENDER AMEN!

being an RN since 1999 my heart is broken, I knew nothing of any of this tech until I started looking at patents in 2020

THEY killed my wonderful Mother with CVD in August of 2021. She went from fine to gone in 11 days, and I was ill too but much less so, although my brain was not working at all and I had other issues that are inexplicable, almost like I was possessed or being controlled remotely by something or someone. We did not want to go to the hospital, but when she stopped breathing we had to call 911, and the ambulance, fire engines, etc. arrived so fast it was as though they already knew…maybe because they did. Within 5 minutes there were at least 20 men in the house. I could never understand how that happened until now. I wonder now if THEY were remotely monitoring and controlling the situation. THEY destroyed my life and our family and I don’t even care to live anymore. Thank you for helping me understand how this happened. BTW, she had Fibromyalgia too for several years and she had neglected to take her Fibro med after she became ill and I did not even think that might be a factor. I was basically like a brain-dead zombie until it was too late to save her, which I’m thinking was part of the plan. I almost wish THEY had killed me too, because I feel like it was my fault…

13. Thz networks in the body w/ video support

Thz networks in the body w/ video support

Notable quotable from Sabrina Wallace:

We’ve had the ability to log into people down to the bone marrow since 1995. What did we do with it? We made a bunch of little super brats that sit around inside of a skiff and play other humans like a video game and sell access to do it for money. You want to control your spouse, you want to be in with the super soldier All you have to do is be a vendor for the Department of Defense with the right security access protocols on the ass end of our Cisco backplane control archictecture which is installed throughout our country?

So tell me how you stop them. Tell me how you’re going to turn off all these people who have the ability, given that no one would say what they were doing for a job or that they were using a human body part to do it….

We’re running all this on the back end of the internet. And we are using the human body for that. Nobody said a word. This is computer networking through the human body. These people know exactly what they’ve developed. Where are the network engineers, the electrical engineers and radio frequency engineers who are not paid by feds to distract?

Conclusion of Academic paper, Toward Location-Aware In-Body Terahertz Nanonetworks with Energy Harvesting, by F. Lemic, et. al., 2022:

PREPRINT 1 Toward Location-aware In-body Terahertz Nanonetworks with Energy Harvesting, F. Lemic, et al., 2022

“We have outlined an architecture for in-body THz-operating-energy-harvesting nanonetworks. This has been done with goals of enabling localization of the passively-flowing and energy-harvesting nanonodes and their two-way communication with the outside world.”

ABSTRACT of above paper:

Nanoscale wireless networks are expected to revolutionize a variety of domains, with significant advances conceivable in in-body healthcare. These nanonetworks will consist of energy-harvesting nanodevices passively flowing through the bloodstream, taking actions at certain locations, and communicating results to a more powerful Body Area Network (BAN). Assuming such a setup and electro-magnetic nanocommunication in the Terahertz (THz) frequencies, we propose a network architecture that can support fine-grained localization of the energy-harvesting in-body nanonodes, as well as their two-way communication with the outside world. The main novelties of our proposal lie in the utilization of location-aware and Wake-up Radio (WuR)-based wireless nanocommunication paradigms, as well as Software-Defined Metamaterials (SDMs), for supporting the envisioned functionalities in THz-operating energy-harvesting in-body nanonetworks. We argue that, on a high level, the proposed architecture can handle a large number of nanonodes, while simultaneously dealing with a short range of THz in-body propagation and highly constrained nanonodes.

Sabrina: “The human biofield. What is this electromagnetic field that my heart, my body, and my photons are generating and DNA wave propagating out of me? Ah. It doesn’t exist, right? Unless you have a job in computer networking and sensor hunting where you hunt human bodies at the will and the discretion of medical, military and industrial systems. Then the biofield is right there and it’s a body part and it’s a profession called biomedical wireless tissue engineering.

The men that have been getting away with this are not men. I promise you that. They’ve been playing video games life long. And those same little nerds have an app for people. And it is running wild. Government off the shelf. Commercial off the shelf.”

This is for those showing the blood microscopy and spectroscopy because this document lays out the routing, aggregation and signal propogation of Thz nano networks in situ.

14. Blood – Body – Biofield – Bioelectric – Biomagnetism – Bio Frequency – Bio Hacking Explained

1 week ago

she’s this smart because ppl, doctors family, specialists all called her crazy and that it’d all in her head, she proved em wrong.
she most definitely knows what’s goin on.

1 week ago

Sabrina is very colorful and technical (meaning hard to understand maybe for the “average” person. But, it seems that this message is targeted to the people working in the “techno/telecom” field. Understanding all the IEEE standards and techno terminology is not important here… but I really do think that she knows what she is talking about and that she is right! Making a “link” between all the man made “frequencies” and our biofield, AKA aura is not an easy task! But now, can we really ignore that??? And don’t ask your doctor ( I am not talking about you Dr Young) I mean the “mainstream doctor, because they will laugh at you! So, although Sabrina is direct and colorful with her language, this message is very good and very relevant. To me it’s a loud and clear message. These technologies are weapons against human being. May God help us fix this egocentric problem we have to think that “technology” will safe us. Thank you for sharing Dr Young.
Pierre Forest

1 week ago

Way above my head! Dr. Young, please consider bringing this genius for an interview in which the both of you can explain this in terms that the general public can comprehend. 🙏🏼

1 week ago

be great Dr Young if you did a whole show on the Biofield. Much love and blessings.

1 week ago

Amazing insight Sabrina you must have researched really hard to piece it all together.
Such a complex system to the uneducated.
So with all these frequencys they can remotely use , it must be possible to interfere with them scramble them or cancel them out with aposeing frequencys like the 5g harmonising technology.
I’m no expert, do you know ways of blocking these frequencys?

1 week ago

I prefer her colorful presentations because the technical information would be even more difficult to follow in a straightforward delivery. She is advocating for truth, accountability, and reclaiming what she refers to as our stolen “body part” with pilo erection of the (biofield) aura. Fascinating and important – glad to see you on this. Dr. Young.

1 week ago

It is Victorian plan since the beginning so the parasites of the descendants of Queen of Sewage Victoria will own all the Earth with deception and piracy and with using directed energy weapons the weapons of mass destructions against every human on earth for depopulation to make it according to their plan quite war with silent weapons .

Read Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

It called “a quiet revolution for the Crown parasites in UK “, putting brother against brother beaming synthetic telepathy to “subconscious mind” , and diverting the public’s attention from what is really going on by making the sheepish participate as gang stalkers receiving V2K Voice to skull synthetic telepathy orders to the conscious mind.. The Crown in England is the head of the One World Government !

Watch this video

Satanic illuminati ( Queen/ King ) of the “Crown in England , is The Head Of The Committee Of The 300 , and the head of Freemasonry …their morality is “Zero morality” leading the depopulation agenda for One World government led by the Crown in England secretly to own all the earth with deception & piracy .

PDF The Committee of 300

This document (NASA Circa 2025 PDF ) which is released before 9/11/2001

The plan is depopulation with directed energy weapons ( Radiation Frequency ) RF & bioweapons & wars !
They are targeting us with directed energy weapons according to the plan of Circa 2025 they are attacking us with bioweapons forced death injections to depopulate the planet as the “Crown in England ” collecting all the earth with piracy, deception & secrecy !!

1 week ago

Read the committee of the 300 for Dr John Coleman


Watch reading part

In this book the following :
– Britain has controlled the United States, beginning from soon after
the War of 1812, and continues to exercise control over this
country through the policies of the Committee of 300.
– To cause a total collapse of the world’s economies and
engender total political chaos.
– To take control of all Foreign and domestic policies of
the United States.
– Penetrate and subvert all governments, and work from
within them to destroy the sovereign integrity of nations
represented by them.
– Creation of British Intelligence Military Intelligence Division 6,
commonly known as M16 and Organize a world-wide terrorist apparatus and negotiate
with terrorists whenever terrorist activities take place.
– it is necessary to limit populations within the boundaries of decreasing
natural resources. It goes without saying that the elite will not
allow themselves to be threatened by a burgeoning population of
“useless eaters,” hence culling must be practiced. “culling” is going on today, using the methods
mandated in the “Global 2000 Report.”
headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, where a giant computer
designated “666” can store data of every type mentioned by
Brzezinski, plus possessing an expanded capacity to take in data
for several billions more people than presently exist,
– The greatest danger arises from the mass of
traitors in our midst. Our Constitution warns us to be watchful of
the enemy within our gates. These enemies are the servants of
the Committee of 300 who occupy high positions within our
governmental structure
– spreading of contradictory news ….

1 week ago

Sadly very difficult to undersand for me because it looks it is a very important topic

1 week ago

This is older, and seems many have forgotten, but it’s a worthy reminder and relevant to this vid.

1 week ago

Watch please, this video makes me sad as the head of imperialism destroying the food resources around the earth secretly to push us into starvation and famine ..

I am USA citizen, originally from Iraq & I was born in 1969 in Baghdad , targeted with directed energy since birth & controlled with synthetic telepathy subconsciously without our knowledge !
I remember my parents used to teach us how the imperialism ( the Crown in England -the descendants of Queen of Sewage “Victoria” the recluse ) since the beginning used to suck the nations blood & wealth & natural resources & they used to control the market around the earth by making shortages in food leading to famine & hunger by dumping the food like the “potatoes ” – to the “ocean” to make shortages & to increase the prices of food or to make famines & hunger around the earth for depopulation ..
In 1969 no human landed to the moon & it was a hoax controlled by the head of imperialism & the head of freemasonry & the head of the committee of the 300 ( Crown in England ) to make the people less intelligent, ignoring the facts that the head of the imperialism stole from humanity very important technology of Free Energy Technology & using it as weapons against the people to enslave humanity without the people knowledge with synthetic telepathy to subconscious mind by sending synthetic thoughts to separate the family like what they did to “all my family” separated us all subconsciously & the people think that these thoughts of unhappiness & anger are their own thoughts but they are synthetic thoughts to destroy family unity around the earth ” & make people against each for depopulation agenda & all the high rate of divorce around the earth done by this subconscious synthetic telepathy by the Crown Monarch military industrial complex via satellites !!

1 week ago

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” ~Matthew 6:33 KJV “So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen.” ~ Matthew 20:16 KJV “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.” ~ Mark 10:25 KJV #lastFIRSTfirstLAST

1 week ago

The Parasites’ of the Crown the descendants of “Queen Victoria the recluse” poisoning every child and adult human on this earth to kill every possible man and woman may stand against them …

“Corona Virus” is the name of the genocide agenda to depopulate the Earth by the Crown in England ,
Corona is the “Crown” in Spanish language while the Virus it means in Latin language the “Poison “..
This means the genocide agenda is the “Crown Poison” either with directed energy weapons ( radiation poisoning ) and with bioweapons injections using the poisons as venom ” snake venom, other venom and poison ..

1) Dr Bryan Ardis talking about Nano – King Cobra snake venom poisoning in jabs

COVID19 is Cobra Venom Induced Death & they are using 19 deadly protein peptides from snake venom to shut the internal organs

2) watch the radiation poisoning agenda

The Descendants of Queen Victoria ( Crown in England ) taking over the “WORLD” with Wars & Poison using Deception , Secrecy, Piracy & Infiltration & this is Victorian Plan according to Dr John Coleman talking about the Committee of 300



This is the end of humanity, the Crown in England stole the Tesla’s Free Energy Technology to enslave the world as they” See Everything” with Free Energy Tec.
House of Windsor -“Saxe- Coburg – Gotha” will own all the earth after killing all the people on earth
All Bankers , Politicians , Big Pharma ..etc just slaves to the Crown of house of Windsor “Saxe- Coburg – Gotha” to carry out the genocide against the people with deception to own all the earth

1 week ago

what is her website??

1 week ago

What is an eroneus chipset Sabrina?

15. Sabrina/Psinergy


16. Signage 1 from Sabrina/Psinergy.

Signage 1 from Sabrina/Psinergy.

17. signage 2 from Sabrina/Psinergy

signage 2 from Sabrina/Psinergy

18. Sabrina/Psinergy August 6, 2023

Sabrina/Psinergy August 6, 2023

19. The emperor has no biofield .. as per Sabrina/Psinergy.

The emperor has no biofield .. as per Sabrina/Psinergy.

20. Sabrina/Psinergy: Telepathy= neurons

Sabrina/Psinergy: Telepathy= neurons

21. Sabrina/Psinergy


22. Sabrina/Psinergy


23. Psinergy Tech PDF 2023 – i/ii

Psinergy Tech PDF 2023 – i/ii

24. Psinergy Tech PDF 2023 ii/ii

Psinergy Tech PDF 2023 ii/ii

25. Sabrina/Psinergy PDF

Sabrina/Psinergy PDF

26. Variant Biosensors and Raman resurfacing 1/3 by Sabrina/Psinergy

Variant Biosensors and Raman resurfacing 1/3 by Sabrina/Psinergy

27. Sabrina/Psinergy August 8, 2023

Sabrina/Psinergy August 8, 2023

28. PLOS conscious B2B (brain to brain) communication in humans using non invasive tech; Sept. 21, 2023

Sabrina/Psinergy: PLOS conscious B2B (brain to brain) communication in humans using non invasive tech

29. Sabrina/Psinergy August 4, 2023

Sabrina/Psinergy August 4, 2023

30. Sabrina/Psinergy August 4, 2023

Sabrina/Psinergy August 4, 2023

31. Sabrina/Psinergy August 21, 2023

Sabrina/Psinergy August 21, 2023

32. Friday Morning Coffee Chatt and edumacation with Sabrina Wallace Psinergy September 22, 2023

Friday Morning Coffee Chatt and edumacation with Sabrina Wallace Psinergy September 22, 2023

32. No 678, just the 5g full dominance .. wha? September 25, 2023

No 678, just the 5g full dominance .. wha? September 25, 2023

33. Sabrina Psinergy Psinergy Tech PDF i ii September 26, 2023

Sabrina Psinergy Psinergy Tech PDF i ii September 26, 2023

This Lady has compiled a ton of information that most people are not aware of…The video starts off a little slow but exponentially ramps up…I’ve included her PDF links on her Odysee page…You can not post this kind of information on Bitchute and other platforms…Just another reason why Odysee is superior to other so called truther platforms…Enjoy the video!!!

Psinergy PDF of September 2023:
Psinergy PDF of May 2023:

34. Sabrina/Psinergy: Engine Room 2 from October 2, 2023

Sabrina explains what she learned in 2022 and beyond concerning human augmentation. She speaks about Project Maven (Pentagon’s signature artificial intelligence program).

The DoD handed Project Maven off to the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency in 2022:

“Project Maven, which was established in 2017 and aims to speed up the use of AI across the military, was transferred over to both the NGA and the Pentagon’s Chief Digital and AI Office last year and is poised to become an official program of record in fiscal 2024.

Whitworth said the NGA is not “being hyperbolic when we say we’ve made some significant advances just in several months” and that the agency is “at peace now with this concept of actually leading a program of record in Maven.”

In April, the NGA released a solicitation saying it was looking at building out a platform to assess supply chain risks posed to AI and machine learning technologies for the project.

The agency listed specific requirements for the supply chain risk management platform, including integrating “algorithmic-based technology with Programs of Record, a rapid prototyping effort that adapts, prototypes, and integrates commercial AI technology into DoD platforms with active tactical users.”
According to this Google created the AI using gig workers to train the machine learning:

I located those three links just doing a simple query “Project Maven artificial intelligence in autonomous weapons.”

NARM, Truth For Health & Vaxxchoice 5G Symposium Friday 29th, 2023:
“On September 29, a livestream symposium of attorneys, physicians and other experts will discuss the dangers of FEMA’s October 4 emergency alert and other issues related to 5G.

Callender explained that the Constitutional rights of Americans have been suspended since 2020, when a Marburg pandemic was declared.

Other speakers include:

· Ann Vandersteel, journalist and medical freedom advocate, who will open the symposium with Todd Callender.

· Sean from, “the corporate propaganda antidote.”

· Attorney Warner Mendenhall, who sued Pfizer for up to 3.3 trillion dollars in damages.

· Deborah Tavares, an outspoken activist opposing directed-energy weapons, weather warfare, UN Agenda 2030 and other offenses.

· Lee Vliet, MD, President of the Truth for Health Foundation.

· Dr. Bill Lionberger, DC, law enforcement officer and founder of Guardians of Humanity’s Children.

· Theresa Long, MD, Lieutenant Colonel, and an expert on the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED).

· Dr. Pete Chambers, DO and former Green Beret, who was forced into retirement after refusing an order to stop giving his patients informed consent.

· Attorney David Meiswinkle, president of the National American Renaissance Movement.

· Joseph Sansone, PhD, National ARM board member and “Ban the Jabs Resolution” founder.

· Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD, nanotechnology and synthetic biology researcher, and National ARM board member.

Jeffrey Prather, retired special operations soldier, former DIA intelligence collector, and ex-DEA special agent.”

The only few on this panel I trust are Jeffrey Prather, Lt. Col. Theresa Long, MD and Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD. Truthfully our rights were suspended in 1871 when the Organic Act of 1871 was signed.

37. Sabrina/Psinergy: Engine Room 3 – hyperspace math, n sphere and augmentation exponents October 3, 2023

“remember that crazy not so crazy math map?
from last year … before the tore folks arrived ?

yeah ..”

Sabrina explains N2, N3, N4, etc. human augmentation. More is discussed of Marburg software and photonic concrete. She is technical in her description. She discusses her theory on what will occur.

38. warm up 2: cmts (Cable Modum Termination Systems) network architecture

39. Warm up end with omnet and the doppler in iot October 6, 2023

40. Emergency Alert System routing metrics from your cable company to you Oct. 6, 2023

41. Psinergy singage w dr ana and maria zee October 11, 2023

42. Sabrina/Psinergy: Engine Room 2 from October 2, 2023

43. Biofield Analysis for Body Area Network October 11, 2023

warm up for medusa and bci
Sabrina D. Wallace

44. Sabrina/Psinergy: For_the_new_folks_it_is_a_body_part Oct. 12, 2023

Sabrina speaks to folks new to her channel about the human biofield.
Her channel:

May 2023 PDF:

September 2023 PDF:

45. The last psinergy channel coffee October 17, 2023

46. Last psinergist coffee review October 17, 2023

47. Wban, biosensors and netcentric warfare w/signs Sept. 29, 2023

oooh double correction Amen just finished watching an interview w malfoy on brighteon wow! well done celeste solum our synthetic biology lady, Amen and wow does she have a bunch of life experience w fema and such i had not heard of yet, God bless her for making the time to speak on the brighteon platform, Amen.


I am getting better about knowing what you are discussing in real time. After that mother load we came across yesterday I went digging through the cited references. I learned what PHY layer was and what MAC really is! Not to mention things I can’t discuss at the moment! I will be guilty of assaulting folks with acronyms soon enough.May God Bless, Protect, heal your current ailments. May God continue to bless us with Divine Guided Intelligence and Fortitude to follow through with what He asks of us. Amen.

“I will be guilty of assaulting folks with acronyms soon enough.”
En Guard!

welcome to the people farm!!!

Sabrina you missed us and graced us with a video, yay!

Have a blessed day psinergists, and all power and glory and honor to our Master, Christ Jesus!

I am so happy to see you today.

Sabrina, I would like to thank you for all of your efforts, courage, honesty, and sincerity to share your experience (much of it, obviously, very painful), research, understanding, and insight with whomever might be graced by God to find their way to your postings. I have learned a great deal from your work and hope to learn more — but I’m an old guy, and, sometimes a little slow on the uptake. Ten years, or so, I came across a Ted talk on optogenetics and wrote a critical reflective essay on the research, but the paper got no attention. The paper was entitled: “Memory, Mind, and Neuroscience,” (for those who are interested it can be found — for free — through:
) and while that piece of research and reflection is insignificant relative to your oeuvre, I had an intuition, of sorts, even back then, that there was a skunk in the woodpile yet never imagined just how rabid that skunk had become, was becoming, and would continue to become in time. In 2022, my wife and I were hit with something that was neurological in character which nearly killed me. I fought — with yeowoman assistance by my wife — whatever was occurring at home because I believed that if I went to the hospital that they were very likely ready to move things (whether intentionally or unintentionally) in a terminal direction with respirators, remdesivir, and midazolam). Prior to the onset of the neurological events, some strange phenomenological experiences took place for several days leading up to my illness that felt like a psychological attack of sorts … or not. Again, for whomever might be interested, a book about my “illness” was written (“Observations …) during the recovery period that followed the “troubles” and is available for free at:

(in fact, there are some 40, or so books that are free for the taking on that page — people can download what they like and leave the rest).

That Lookout fa Charlie video you posted about the 160 IQ kid who recently got cleared on a database only to be owned and droned is the pinnacle of what you have been illustrating. I have mistakenly been looking at this “droning humans” more as nudges and biological catalysts which can be reversed with Knowledge, however that kid was fully owned and droned and is intelligent enough to clearly describe it! This Topic for sure is the center point of highest concern for our time! For those who learn more visually here is a slide show from 2015 regarding the WBAN with a frosty child like glimmer of promise paved in good intentions type delivery as PPT slides:

Qigong master projecting his chi energy with incendiary precision:

ALWAYS keep backups and always keep a copy of the physical, hard copy evidence.

My brain looks like an 80 year old alcoholic when I was 45 I have lesions all over my brain and my front alone is completely white high loud ringing In my ear, Nose bleeds for hrs for no reason when as a child continuously, I was always in like a state of trance and weird things were always done to me, The only thing that saved me is I was always surrounded with angels of God but I was under constant attack and still am The lead in my body is off the chart so as all the other heavy metals and I have done lots of heavy metal detoxifying And cleansing and fasting sweating,. My brain stem right now is Bernie and husband for the last 2 days and I am block shut and shielding it as much as I can. how can I break the contract that has been made on my soul. I’m 61 now when does it stop or will it ever stop

I’m thinking that the email you thought was from me was from someone else…but it’s okay, It really doesn’t matter…I’ve surrendered and am turning it over to Creator now.
Thank you for all that you’ve done and still do to fight the Good Fight…with Love not Fear.
This is for you Sabrina and all weary warriors/Soul Kin who may need some Comfort, Peace & Grace:

Till we meet again~Namaste [:rainbow:] [:heart_on_fire:] [:folded_hands:]

Grazi, bella [:dolphin:] [:whale:] [:dolphin:]

Excellent Analysis, Deployed Through My Research Library…. call or text anytime. #RobertFoertsch 1-843-504-1776. Thank You

This is one of the speakers at this symposium , “Hallucination” is a term used in the AI community to describe the plausible falsehoods produced by deep generative neural networks.

Loved your presentation. I appreciate that you present the papers so I can search and download them for further study, cheers
Ohhh, I couldn’t tell if you had a doctorate in Folgers or Maxwell House

Ff 12 mins Sabrina this is it. this proves everything

So they’re utilizing our bio-field to power their grid? We ARE their Network?
What are your thoughts on the repercussions to us?
Can they flip a switch and absorb our literal consciousness, and/or our frickin’ Soul, into their Metaverse”?
Am I paranoid and making shit up?
Thanks to you, I’m currently doing bio-field tuning with a practicing student of Eileen MsKusick. And practicing your bio-field defense.
May God have mercy on our dumbasses, and thank you with all my heart.

everything that i have learned thus far is thru these ai apps, cell phones, internet, and whatever other bugged tech we use, theyare mapping a digital twin of each and every one of us from actions, emotions, thoughts, and feelings, and saving it or feeding it to an a.i computer. from what i can gather, copying the exact imprint of your consciousness it has in the physical somehow tears you between the two, i almost wanna say its like consciousness transfer but i feel like thats the wrong way to say it. sabrina would probably be able to explain it alot clearer and precise. they have made a matrix(themovie) video game with ai generated npc’s and a video is circling the internet where the person playing the game walked up to an npc and they kept asking how they got there, what the place was and how to find a way out of it. i believe the npc gave a real name and named someone they knew. it totally freaked me out listening to it. hope this helps some. much love

The blueprint is here –

This was great. Thank you Sabrina!

happy Sukkot


Wow, Google has standards. [:upside_down_face:]

Did you come up with the term Engine room? It fits.

No it was either Sabrina or KPup. It is actually a “Friendship-Engine” but you say say engine around me without it turning into a drag race conversation.

Nathan Reynolds

You’ve insulted me with too many acronyms!

now neither you, kpup nor harry, brash and indie sage get to claim that, we all lost that after the first five hours of wban rdg .. our eyes no longer cross at the three letter codes and other psinergist have post it note piles like a rolodex ready to undo their feature value hex by the appropriate grammae index, i.e, they can identify the lingo yo

Sabrina this is moonrocks from rumble reach out when you have a chance. The other person that has seen drones shoot aerosols. I think i might have mirrored your name creating this account

i was just making a video in relation to some of your concise conjecture over there, glad to see you here as well, amen.

purple i a pretty color [:rofl:] [:rofl:] [:rofl:] [:purple_heart:] [:purple_heart:] [:purple_heart:]

Are you attending a Ratt concert this evening?

What’s the Tellagram channel?

47. Blockchain bitcoin hgtp and dag and plasmons …

48. It is just a yard light on laser roids updated to street guard (2) Oct. 24, 2023.

Optogenetics for transcriptional programming and genetic engineering
Tien-Hung Lan,1,4 Lian He,1,4 Yun Huang,2, and Yubin Zhou 1,3,
Optogenetics combines genetics and biophotonics to enable noninvasive control of biological processes with high spatiotemporal precision. When engineered into protein machineries that govern the cellular information flow as depicted in the central dogma, multiple genetically encoded non-opsin photosensory modules have been harnessed to modulate gene transcription, DNA or RNA modifications, DNA recombination, and genome engineering by utilizing photons emitting in the wide range of 200–1000 nm. We present herein generally applicable modular strategies for optogenetic engineering and highlight latest advances in the broad applications of opsin-free optogenetics to program transcriptional outputs and precisely manipulate the mammalian genome, epigenome, and epitranscriptome. We also discuss current challenges and future trends in opsin-free optogenetics, which has been rapidly evolving to meet the growing needs in synthetic biology and genetics research.

PDF Link


Bromine-which is key component in making commercial bread.

The crystal structure of bromide-bound GtACR1 reveals a pre-activated state in the transmembrane anion tunnel

GtACR1 is a light-gated anion channel discovered in 2015 (Govorunova et al., 2015) now widely used in optogenetics as a neuron-silencing tool. GtACR1 conducts both bromide and chloride ions effectively with higher relative permeability for the former substrate (Govorunova et al., 2015). We and the group of Karl Deisseroth independently determined X-ray crystal structures of the dark (closed) form of GtACR1 homodimer at 2.9 A (Kim et al., 2018; Li et al., 2019). We proposed that the conductance pathway was attributable to a full-length intramolecular tunnel traversing each pro- tomer from the extracellular side to the intracellular side of the membrane lined by mostly hydro- phobic residues (Li et al., 2019). Current rectification by charges introduced inside but not outside the tunnel support our hypothesis that the tunnel serves as the anion-conducting path upon photo- activation (Sineshchekov et al., 2019). However, no substrate was found in either structure (Kim et al., 2018; Li et al., 2019) despite the presence of chloride in the crystallization conditions. The mechanism of anion conductance is still elusive.


Nanosecond Pulsed Electric Field (nsPEF): Opening the Biotechnological Pandora’s Box

Abstract: Nanosecond Pulsed Electric Field (nsPEF) is an electrostimulation technique first developed in 1995; nsPEF requires the delivery of a series of pulses of high electric fields in the order of nanoseconds into biological tissues or cells.

They primary effects in cells is the formation of membrane nanopores and the activation of ionic channels, leading to an incremental increase in cytoplasmic Ca2+ concentration, which triggers a signaling cascade producing a variety of effects: from apoptosis up to cell differentiation and proliferation.

Further, nsPEF may affect organelles, making nsPEF a unique tool to manipulate and study cells. This technique is exploited in a broad spectrum of applications, such as: sterilization in the food industry, seed germination, anti-parasitic effects, wound healing, increased immune response, activation of neurons and myocites, cell proliferation, cellular phenotype manipulation, modulation of gene expression, and as a novel cancer treatment.

This review thoroughly explores both nsPEF’s history and applications, with emphasis on the cellular effects from a biophysics perspective, highlighting the role of ionic channels as a mechanistic driver of the increase in cytoplasmic Ca2+ concentration.


I recall from reading the “Spartacus” “letter” and the 4Chan archive and then later his “SubStack” that Covid “virus” would stuff the cells full of Calcium which then helped the “virus” “reproduce”. Purging the cells of excess Calcium would STOP the “virus” from reproducing. How is this relating to “Optogenetics” you ask? Apparently A certain Calcium protein “lights up” whenever “neurons” “fire off”.

Recall that Dr Charles Lieber figured out a way to break the Blood/Brain Barrier(according to the research we “DESPOT” has done) with “nanotransducers”. Wondering here then if the Lieber “n trans d’s” were delivering “GCaMP / Ca2þ” optical sensors to map off what was firing off in the targeted human brain. This explains a lot now to me! Holy Smokes!!!!


“The most dramatic applications of fluorescent sensor pro­teins come from the GCaMP family of Ca2þ indicators (Fig. 2 B).

The concentration of this ion blips upward every time a neuron fires.

Expression of GCaMP-based reporters in the brains of worms, flies, fish, and mice has led to spec­tacular movies of the coordinated activation patterns of thousands of neurons.

Within the last year, scientists have started to engineer more complex combinations of functions into GFP-based optogenetic tools.

For instance, the calcium-modulated pho­toactivatable ratiometric integrator (CaMPARI) protein starts life as a fluorescent calcium indicator, and, in the simultaneous presence of neural activity and violet illumi­nation, converts from green to red (9).

This behavior lets one record a photochemical imprint of the calcium level in a large volume of tissue at a defined moment in time. One can then image the tissue at leisure, with high resolu­tion in space, to map this snapshot of activity.”


Ohh fuck

LEO is law enforcement officer no need with these “cameras”

and LEO=LowEarthOrbit satellite

Yes-thank you so much for recommending the xtremerealitycheck channel! I’ve already watched part 1’s 5 hr video and am 2.5 hr thru part 2’s 7 hr presentation-Yikes and holy crap….a lot of puzzle pieces falling into place for me about so many woo phenomena I’ve had…very eye opening.
On a separate note…I don’t know what shifted for you but your tone indicates a more light hearted approach with the latest shares that while I know does not equate to a lack of righteous indignation or outrage but to me conveys a higher vibe strategy that imho is both a much more effective delivery as well as probably easier on your nervous system too. Brings to mind the saying: you get more flies with honey than vinegar. When you showed the science abstract and said “let’s zoom into this, read it together and sound out the words”; my nutty mind saw you surrounded by the muppets from Sesame Street break into a silly song about nanopulsed electric fields Lol! I’m obviously over saturated and slap happy stupid with all this stuff! But why not have a little fun when discussing the psychopathic fuckers ushering in the end of the world and our Sovereignty eh? Bwah ha ha [:zany:]

Dear Mama, in my small family, the worse it is, the more humor we use. if we are laughing hysterically, it’s probably really bad. this type of behavior only one of my friends understands. if she tells me someone acted rudely towards her and I laugh, she knows not to take offense. a rare one indeed. based upon my laughter, she sort of rates that to how incredulous the situation sounds. maybe weird but. it’s how we operate. point an arm at me and I’m likely to bend double with laughter or possibly roll on the ground.

This is the missing pieces too the great Reset.

Genetically targeted magnetic control of the nervous

Optogenetic and chemogenetic actuators are critical for
deconstructing the neural correlates of behavior. However,
these tools have several limitations, including invasive modes of stimulation or slow on/off kinetics. We have overcome these disadvantages by synthesizing a single-component, magnetically sensitive actuator, “Magneto,” comprising the cation channel TRPV4 fused to the paramagnetic protein ferritin. We validated noninvasive magnetic control over neuronal activity by demonstrating remote stimulation of cells using in vitro calcium imaging assays, electrophysiological recordings in brain slices, in vivo electrophysiological recordings in the brains of freely moving mice, and behavioral outputs in zebrafish and mice.

As proof of concept, we used Magneto to delineate a causal role of striatal dopamine receptor 1 neurons in mediating reward behavior in mice. Together our results present Magneto as an actuator capable of remotely controlling circuits associated with complex animal behaviors.


We went off searching Optogenetics which turned up a lot of Calcium.

I recalled Tore’s lecture notes we had, In those notes Tore wrote about cellular voltage, resistance, capacitance, impedance which were regulated by Calcium, Sodium and Potassium.

Two things with Calcium, COVID wanted to stuff the cells with Calcium which would change the voltage charge, resistance etc of the cells. Covid thrived in this environment which happens to be great for Optogenetics .

Here is where my new idea comes in, iodine and iodide supplementation which has Potassium on board. You can supplement iodide/iodine with Lugols iodine liquid or tablet form(I take 100mgs of Lugotabs a day). The iodine and potassium are very healthy for the body. Iodine happens to be heavier than Fluoride (which is the real pandemic. Same with Bromine.)

Dr Brownstein has been an outspoken proponent of iodide supplementation to improve health. My wife is one of his patients.

I am just wondering if pulling Calcium out of the cells to natural levels, stuffing potassium in there with iodine and pulling fluoride would set the body up as a nasty place for biosensors and interfere with the WBAN etc. Wonder too if it would help people to eventually be able to piloerect.

Back to Dr Brownstein’s book for a second, he points out how depraved people are of iodine/potassium in our diets- almost as if on purpose. Why? What is the REAL reason for this?? Are humans ingesting iodine/potassium and purging fluoride able to defeat being zapped, perturbated and used as a router???

Link to Dr Brownstein’s Iodine Book on DESPOT Telegram

From vanilla bean 13:

Molecular Communication for Nanomachines Using Intercellular Calcium Signaling


AFOSR (Air Force office of science & research)
California MICRO
Nippon Telegraph & Telephone
NS Solutions Corporation
DENSO IT Laboratory
Georgia Tech

Abstract — Molecular communication is engineered biological communication (e.g., cell-to-cell signaling) that allows nanomachines (e.g., engineered organisms, artificial devices) to communicate through chemical signals in an aqueous environment.


And yall thought the Doppler was for weather radar.

sorry I couldn’t resist. this is a great song but not so much the part of the lyrics where I disagree that I wish otherwise, that we keep the clothes. I don’t need to see all that, but you sista are talk’in ‘controversy’! lol

49. Blockchain, constellations and tokenomics October 24, 2023

50. It is just a yard light on laser roids updated to street guard (2)

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