United Nations Agenda To Steal Our Water: Dr. Eric Karlstrom Interview with A.C. Hitchcock (1/2/18)

Dr. Eric Karlstrom: Global Warming (Hoax) is Politics Not Science

Dr. Eric Karlstrom on Environmentalism and the New World Order (Interview with Tim Kelly, 11/2017)

Agenda 21 “Map of Death” Calls for 50% of the United States to be Off-Limits to the American People.

Appendix 2. Maurice Strong- Godfather of Crestone/Baca

Appendix 2. Maurice strong- Godfather of Crestone/Baca: “Father Earth”/”Savior of the Planet,” World-class Robber Baron, and or Globalist Enviro-Con Man Extraordinaire? Compiled by Dr. Eric…

Appendix 3. More Perspectives on Maurice Strong

More Perspectives on Maurice Strong: 1. 2015 New York Times Obituary, 2. History of Maurice Strong, 3. Wizard of Baca Grande; 4. Master of Sustainable…

Appendix 18. The United Nations and the New World (Luciferic) Religion

Transcribed by Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom, Professor of Geography, Emeritus, December, 2015 (Most quotes below are from “Lucifer Worshippers Exposed” youtube by Professor Walter Veith:…