Appendix 55. Communitarianism: the New World Religion? “COMMUNITARIANISM: A THREE LEVEL CON JOB” and “CAFTA, the EU, & Communitarian Law” by Niki Raapana (2006)

I. COMMUNITARIANISM: A THREE LEVEL CON JOB By Niki Raapana March 28, 2006 Twenty-first century communitarianism is a philosophical, political, and legal theory. It…

Appendix 54: Communitarianism, “Global Policing” (Gang Stalking), UN Agenda 21, and the New World Order (2 Niki Raapana videos and notes)

I. In the interview dialogue with author, Niki Raapana, we get an inkling that communitarianism is another clever Zionist/Talmudic strategy for world takeover! What is…

United Nations Agenda 2030 and Targeting: Dr. Eric Karlstrom With Ramola D Interview (2/1/2018)

United Nations Agenda To Steal Our Water: Dr. Eric Karlstrom Interview with A.C. Hitchcock (1/2/18)

Dr. Eric Karlstrom: Global Warming (Hoax) is Politics Not Science

Dr. Eric Karlstrom on Environmentalism and the New World Order (Interview with Tim Kelly, 11/2017)

Agenda 21 “Map of Death” Calls for 50% of the United States to be Off-Limits to the American People.