History of Soviet and American Psychotronic (Mind Control) Weapons (Parts 1 & 2): Dr. Eric Karlstrom with Kev Baker

Part 1: (December, 2017) Part 2: (December, 2017)

Gallup Poll: US is #1 Threat to World Peace

The #1 Threat to Peace in the World — Guess Who? It’s U.S. World polling is unanimous on this point: The US is behind an…

“A Skyscraper of Lies:” Vietnam War Was Mass Murder, Rape, and Torture to Terrorize Civilians Into Submission

At Last: The Real Story of the Vietnam War New book proves murder, rape and torture were not the exception in Vietnam, they were the…

Interviews with Col. L. Fletcher Prouty (Author of “The Secret Team: The CIA and It’s Allies in Control of the United States and America:)

Remote Mind Control Weapons: Preston James and Jeff Rense (4/30/15)

Secret Deep-Black War to Hijack Your Mind (Preston James, 11/1/16)

Secret Deep-Black War to Hijack your Mind (Veterans Today) By Preston James, Ph.D – November 21, 2016 ETK Introduction: This article, by Veterans Today reporter,…